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Sam Mac’s romance with girlfriend Rebecca James blossomed during a Harry Potter marathon, and they haven’t looked back since

''We spoke every single day for almost 6 months!''
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Sam Mac’s fateful romance with his girlfriend, Rebecca James, began in the most modern way possible when a mutual friend connected them through Instagram.

It wasn’t long before they struck up a close friendship that they maintained through texts, Friday night zooms and phone calls.

In a lengthy Instagram post detailing their love story, the Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars contestant wrote, “We spoke every single day for almost six months!”

However, as fate should have it, their connection could only take place through the screen because Rebecca, a business owner and stylist, lived in Melbourne while Sam films Sunrise in Sydney.

In normal times this wouldn’t have been an issue, but as we know, 2020 was a dark year for interstate travel, with the first wave of COVID-19 sweeping the country.

The couple celebrated their first anniversary in January 2022.

(Image: Instagram)

But once the border restrictions eased later that year, Rebecca travelled to Sydney, but even though they’d spent so many hours in each other’s company virtually, they weren’t sure if they felt the same.

“By this stage, I felt like I knew everything about her…except if she was interested in being more than friends,” he wrote. “We knew each other so well, but also not at all.”

Sam stated it felt “surreal” to meet her in person at the dinner they organised.

He also couldn’t help but joke, “It’s not entirely relevant to the story, but I want the fact that she was 24 minutes late to be on the record.”

We can imagine that made the butterflies in his stomach stronger.

Their dinner didn’t include a declaration of love; instead, they discovered their mutual feelings after a few Harry Potter marathons and wine.

Sam and Rebecca talked for six months before meeting.

(Image: Instagram)

In May 2021, Sam spoke to Perth Now about navigating their long-distance relationship.

He shared that he would find time in his busy Sunrise schedule to see each other most weekends.

Sam explained, “Often she will come to Sydney on a Thursday and stay until Monday, and I have been doing the show in Melbourne a little bit, where she lives.”

“I’ll stay there Friday, Saturday, Sundays almost every week.”

The publication also pressed the star about marriage, but Sam admitted they weren’t talking about taking that step yet. But since Rebecca moved to Sydney in August 2021, his answer may look slightly different today.

The weatherman revealed Rebecca had moved in with him while on Sunrise in September 2021.

“I’ll stay there Friday, Saturday, Sundays almost every week.”

(Image: Instagram)

The stylist dropped a package of “goodies” during his segment to help him through the workday.

“She moved from Victoria, but now she’s actually trapped,” Sam said, referring to border closures.

“So even if it’s not going ok for her, she can’t go back, so I’ve got her guys,” he joked.

“In fact if you turn the camera around she’s actually only about 20m away, she’s loitering in the park with a bag and she’s got some goodies in it.”

“She’s got some banana bread in there, so life is great!”

After waiting so long to meet, it’s understandable they wanted to move their relationship forward by buying a house together in October, a few months after Rebecca relocated for their love.

Sam and Rebecca shared this picture to celebrate their new house.

(Image: Instagram)

They gleefully announced their news on their Instagram by posting a picture of them celebrating with keys.

“We bought a bloody house! In Sydney! Already drinking our way through the pain as we calculate the stamp duty #Pray4Us,” Sam captioned the post.

We look forward to watching Rebecca support her soulmate while he competes on Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars.

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