Home and Away

Sam Mac stars on Home and Away as a VIP guest, and he totally nails his 47 words of dialogue

Which is 45 more words than Kochie.

By Faye Couros
Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac is celebrating speaking 45 more words of dialogue over his colleague David Koch on Home and Away.
Playing himself, Sam appeared on the hit soap on Wednesday night as the guest of honour at Martha's black-tie art fundraiser for mental health.
Clearly proud of his work on the show, he uploaded his cameo onto his Instagram, and in the process, he couldn't help but rib Kochie for his 2007 appearance.
Watch Sam Mac make his Home and Away debut below.
"Here it is. The deluxe collector's edition box set of all 47 words I said on @homeandaway," he wrote.
"Not that it's a competition, but it's 45 more words than Kochie's 2007 cameo 🤷🏽‍♂️ #47Words."
In the comment section of his post, a slew of fans praised the presenter for his work.
One fan wrote, "I hear they're looking for a new James Bond 👀," and another shared, "Loved seeing you on home and away!!"
Ahead of Sam's turn on the show, a clip of Kochie at the Summer Bay surf club drinking a beer and saying the line, "yeah, sure," resurfaced.
Poking fun at the Sunrise host's very brief appearance, Sam said of the 65-year-old's Summer Bay debut, "That's it. That is literally it. All of two words."
Watch Sam Mac receive acting tips from Sam Frost below.
Dishing on some behind-the-scenes secrets, Kochie revealed that producers told him to "say watermelon, watermelon, watermelon in the background because you're not allowed to make a noise when you're talking."
It seems like Sam had the best time on set, and he shared a picture of him posing with legend Ray Meagher with some of his personal merch.

However, it doesn't seem like Ray was too impressed, not that it bothered the weatherman.
My @homeandaway episode is on TONIGHT 🏖 I'm not sure Alf is onboard with my line of commemorative "Sam Mac-chandise" 🤷🏽‍♂️ He threatened legal action 😬 #SummerBae," he captioned the picture featuring his hilarious "Summer Bae" shirt.

Sam's co-star for the day James Stewart also shared a post dedicated to the Sunrise star on Instagram.
"Tune in tonight to see the Accidental Weatherman himself @sammacinsta debut on Home and Away!!" he captioned a picture from the Summer Bay beach with the weatherman and Ray.

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