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EXCLUSIVE: Sam Frost spills on her split from Dave Bashford and how she’s embracing single life

''It wasn’t an ugly or messy breakup.''
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Despite enduring the pitfalls of public life, Sam Frost has never shied away from being herself. And this year, she’s ready to put herself first – on center stage no less!

Not only is the Home and Away star daring to bare all in The All New Monty: Guys and Gals, but she’s working on self-care in the wake of her breakup with Dave Bashford. The couple announced their split in July this year.

“Any time I go through adversity in life, I focus my energy into something new,” Sam tells TV WEEK.

“Dave’s an amazing person and that’s never going to change. It wasn’t an ugly or messy breakup; it was just two people who love each other dearly as friends, and we promised to look after each other.”

Sam and Dave decided they weren’t meant to be.


Unlike previous years where the actress has felt pressure from tabloid media to comment on her personal life, Sam says it was simply time to “put it out there”.

“I didn’t care [about any impending backlash from the media],” she says with a shrug of ease. “Dave is one of my best friends and for me, we will always support each other, so it was easy. We knew there was a lot of speculation.”

Sam’s taking time to focus on herself.


For now, the 31-year-old isn’t looking for love – at least not from anybody else but herself, which is part of the reason she signed onto the inspiring show, which aims to start an important conversation about cancer and early detection.

“My mantra for 2020 is: own your space; own your body,” she says.

“It’s taking me a long time to get to that but since doing this show, I’m accepting myself more. I spoke with Rachel Finch, Georgie Parker and Lynne McGranger [who participated in previous seasons] about their experience and they had so much fun. But more importantly, created awareness about cancer. I can’t imagine what these men, women and families go through. They’re inspiring.”

Sam’s stripping off for All New Monty.

(Channel Seven)

Of course, stripping off in public doesn’t come without some hesitation. Sam is the “clumsiest person on Earth” by her own admission and knew she had to put in the hard yards.

“For me to do a dance and take off my clothes in front of my peers – the whole audience was full of Home and Away cast members – I was a nervous wreck! I never imagined doing this, but it was incredibly fun and liberating.”

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