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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS and I’m A Celeb’s Ryan Gallagher says “I’m a farmer now, and want a wife!”

After splitting from Charlotte Crosby, this hunk is ready to find his bride.
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If the producers of The Farmer Wants A Wife revival need a last-minute addition to the new series, they need look no further than Ryan Gallagher!

Yep, following his whirlwind romance with I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmate Charlotte Crosby earlier this year, the reality star has quit the spotlight in favour of a quiet life on his family farm in Goulburn, 195km out of Sydney.

And although Ryan, 31, is enjoying the slower pace and the privacy – which, by the way, proved perfect for our steamy nude shoot! – he admits there’s still one thing missing…

“I’m seriously at a place in my life where I am 100 percent ready to settle down and have it all!” he tells NW.

“I want the house with the picket fence and the kids. I am ready for that next stage of my life. I just need to find Mrs Gallagher!”

Well, if you still haven’t found her in five years, give the NW-ettes a call!

This hunk is ready to find his wife and have kids!

(Source: NW)

So, Ryan – spill! What really happened with you and Charlotte? You were so smitten with each other when you left the show…

Everything is obviously so isolated in the jungle and all your emotions run at a high. Whilst we were great in there, when we got out, reality hit pretty quickly. It was clear it was never going to work.

We are two very different people who also live on opposite sides of the earth. I wish her the best.

So you decided to head bush to heal your broken heart. How is life going for you right now?

We have a lot going on and I’m very grateful. I’m out in Goulburn living the country life.

I had a massive start to the year with a month in South Africa, so I’m trying to enjoy a bit of downtime.

This TV star says he enjoys living the simplr life on his farm. “My neighbours are kilometers away, so no problem there. I can only imagine how difficult this would be in a small city apartment.”

(Source: NW)

Before The One comes along, right? Describe your dream match.

I’ve been down on the farm for the past four weeks not seeing any females… so I’d probably date anyone who’s fun, always smiling and doesn’t mind getting dirty. Take that any way you like!

Any celeb crushes we could help hook you up with?

I have a thing for Jessie J. Always have… There’s something about her that I find intriguing.

Well, the country air agrees with you – you’re so ripped!

I run five kilometres every morning and do weights six afternoons.

Since the jungle, I eat a lot of kale, cabbage and brown rice. It’s nice and healthy.

Jungle diet did wonders for me, so I’ve tried to stick to it.

And how does he keep that ripped physique? “I run five kilometres every morning and do weights six afternoons,” Ryan admits.

(Source: NW)

How many tatts do you have now?

Oh, God, it’d be over 50. I do a lot of them myself.

I have a tattoo gun so whenever inspiration strikes I get to it! My most recent was on my hand that I did as soon as I got back from the jungle.

How have you been keeping sane while in self-isolation?

Down on the farm it’s just called living. My neighbours are kilometers away, so no problem there.

I can only imagine how difficult this would be in a small city apartment.

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