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Royal rivals: Princess Mary VS Princess Marie

Royal rivals: Mary VS Marie

Denmark’s future queen has a “creepy” copycat sister-in-law.

When Denmark’s Princess Marie gave birth to her second child in late January this year, she hoped that, for once, she might push her famous sister-in-law, Crown Princess Mary, off that week’s magazine covers. But once again, it was not to be the case. Instead of Marie enjoying her much-wanted turn in the spotlight, Denmark’s magazine editors chose to run photos of Mary, 40, cuddling her cherubic one-year-old twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, rather than Marie and her baby daughter.

It was yet another blow for Marie, who is said to be desperate to steal Mary’s thunder as the most popular Danish royal, a desire which has not gone unnoticed within the palace itself. Ever since 2008, when Marie, 36, married Prince Joachim, 42, the French-born brunette has fashioned herself in Mary’s likeness to the point where Mary has reportedly told friends she finds the imitation “creepy”.

“I’ve heard that Marie’s copycat ways are causing a lot of friction within the palace,” one royal watcher says. “In the beginning, it was a bit of a joke, but no-one is laughing now. Marie is quite out of control, copying everything Mary wears and does. It’s all a bit sad, really.”

Fashion writers have also noticed how the similarities between the two princesses are growing by the day, with one going as far as calling Marie a “single white female”, in reference to the 1992 movie about a deranged woman who copies her flatmate’s image, with devastating results.

Read more and see more pictures of Princess Marie’s copycat behaviour in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale Monday February 27, 2012.

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