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EXCLUSIVE: Rob Mills is ready to conquer Dancing with The Stars: All-Stars, marriage, and the fight for men’s mental health awareness

The comeback kid is ready for his DWTS redemption arch.
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In 2009, Rob Mills was ready to give Dancing With The Stars everything he had, but in the end, he was unceremoniously eliminated on week two of the competition.

Now, over a decade later, he’s back. After singing in countless musicals, pulling off technical dance moves in Grease the musical for nights on end and acting in iconic soap Neighbours, Rob has reached triple-threat status. With that armour adorning him, there’s no doubt he’ll be DWTS’ ultimate comeback kid.

He tells TV Week that getting kicked off second motivated him to make his grand return.

However, he isn’t afraid to get back in front of DWTS’ audience because baring all on stage is his greatest asset.

“Being vulnerable is what pretty much what I’m all about, what I’m trying to project into the world. I think when you’re vulnerable is when you show your true strength, it’s when you really connect with people,” he shares.

Of course, DWTS is all about fun and honing a craft that brings joy to the world, and it’s safe to say this year’s cast were living it up.

Rob is ready to make is mark on DWTS for a second time.

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“Everybody wants to wear a trophy. But it’s fun. It’s just pure, pure fun,” reveals Rob.

The actor believes the art of storytelling through dance is “super-powerful,” and with the guidance of his partner, Alana, that process was even more special for him.

“Alana, so good. She’s one of the greatest who’s ever danced,” he gushes. “She is a teacher as well, so she’s an incredible teacher.

“The first day we met, she gave me a gift bag of stuff that I might need, which included exfoliating skin gloves with some fake tan and some Band-Aids for my feet and a little face mask.

“We laughed a lot throughout the series and the training. She knew that I needed food sometimes. I get a bit hangry. And I didn’t drop her once.”

But great times with Alana weren’t the only cherry on top of the experience, as the former Australian Idol contestant got to reunite with some old friends in the industry like his “good mate” Sam Mac, Courtney Act, and Ricki-Lee (who made him “laugh a lot”).

Once Rob starts reminiscing with TV Week about reuniting with his colleagues and friends, he rattles off the names of his co-stars like Cameron Daddo, Kylie Gillies and more as he reflects on their incredible time together.

The singer proposed to his long-term girlfriend after three years of dating.

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“Everyone was really lovely and all the dancers, I think everyone was super grateful to be working,” he says.

“Everyone got on along really well. I think what really helped was just to the side of the stage we were cheering on everyone.”

When TV Week asks Rob if the Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac will propose to his girlfriend Rebecca James after moving in together, he coyly replies, “I hope so. He’s just bought a house with her.

“When you know, you know.”

Rob knows a thing or two about that. On New Year’s Day, he thrilled fans by announcing his engagement to his girlfriend-of-three-years, Georgie Tunny.

The singer had planned to propose to Georgie on Mount Kosciuszko, the highest point in the country, so he could “get to show and scream” his feelings.

Unfortunately, too many people were there to have an intimate proposal, so he found another place for them to share their moment. Unlike most celebrities, he opted for a low-key celebration while on their romantic road trip.

He’s also a mental health advocate for men and he wants to smash stigmas.

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“It was really beautiful. I’m glad it went the way it went, and then we got some pies,” he shares.

The 38-year-old also did a great job keeping the proposal a surprise and finding a way to incorporate their two favourite destinations to keep a personal touch.

“We were driving up to Sydney, and I wanted to go to the mountains for me and the beach for her. So, she had no idea what we were doing. I took her to a couple of different places she’d never been,” he reveals.

But did the curated trip make Georgie raise an eyebrow?

“Her? No, no idea,” he proudly claims.

Rob tells TV Week that as their relationship grew, it became clear that she was the one and as for his favourite things about her…

“She sleeps really cute, she loves a nap, and I also love a nap, so we’re good nappers together.

“We like to debate stuff, which is good. I like her brain, I think, the most,” he says sweetly.

Aside from his work in the arts, Rob has become an advocate for men’s mental health after learning about the distressing and alarming statistics.

“I feel like we’re [men] still trying to work out what our masculinity is, and there is room for stoicism as well as vulnerability.”

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It’s his mission to help create social change through discussions with men in his life, taking care of his mental health, and using his platform to talk about those subjects.

“I feel like we’re [men] still trying to work out what our masculinity is, and there is room for stoicism as well as vulnerability.”

In his experience, Rob finds having meaningful discussions with those around you through “general catch-ups” and checking in on friends is the “best way” to help.

“The most important stuff is to try to be there for friends or realise that you’re maybe not equipped to have those conversations. And point out to a friend who you’ve noticed a change in to talk to someone [a professional] else,” he advises from his own experiences.

Rob admits to feeling “higher highs and lower lows” in the entertainment industry, and over the past five years, he’s sought out regular counselling to maintain a healthy headspace.

“The most important stuff is to try to be there for friends.”

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It’s well reported that the pandemic has impacted our mental health and the actor wants to encourage people to remember they can write to the health minister to push for more government support.

You can catch Rob Mills on Dancing with The Stars: All-Stars, which premieres Sunday, 20 February, on Channel 7.

If you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, help is always available. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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