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Red Symons’ son has died from an aggressive brain tumour at just 27 years old

Our thoughts are with Red Symons and his family during this heartbreaking time.
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Australian entertainer Red Symons has lost his son Samuel to an aggressive form of brain cancer.

He was just 27 years old.

The tragic news was confirmed on Wednesday morning when Red’s 3AW colleague Neil Mitchell read out a statement from the Symons family.

Samuel was just 27 years old and had been battling brain cancer since he was four. (Image/Facebook)

“It is with the deepest sadness Red announces the passing of his beautiful son Samuel Symons,” the statement said.

“Samuel passed peacefully overnight surrounded by his family. We ask that you please respect the privacy of Red and his family at this very sad and difficult time.”

Samuel Symons, Red’s oldest son, was tragically diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just four years old, and at 11 was operated on for thyroid cancer. Then, at 16, he developed another brain tumour.

He had been receiving treatment after it recently returned.

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Opening up about his son’s chronic illness, the Hey Hey It’s Saturday legend admitted it was a “dark” chapter in his life.

“My darling son had a life-threatening situation, too. I had some dark days.”

In July this year, Red told Woman’s Day Samuel’s health had turned a corner.

“The result has been very good,” Red said at the time. “However, the simple truth is – and anyone who has cancer knows this – it never really goes away.”

“He is cheerful and that’s the most important thing,” he added.

In 2010, Samuel shared his cancer history on an episode of Australian Story revealing that, after becoming unresponsive at preschool, a biopsy showed he’d suffered a brain haemorrhage.

At the time, the Symons family lived next door to a power substation and don’t know whether the electromagnetic waves caused then-baby Samuel, whose cot was against a shared wall with the power hub, to fall ill.

“The simple truth is – and anyone who has cancer knows this – it never really goes away,” Red revealed of his son in July this year. (Image/Ten Eyewitness News)

In May this year, Samuel was honoured with a Minister for Youth Volunteers Award for his outstanding work in helping launch the revolutionary Peter Maccallum youth cancer centre in Melbourne.

“I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do here. I went through the system where this stuff didn’t exist,” he told Ten Eyewitness News.

“I think that’s the whole incentive, it’s to find somewhere where patients, family and friends can enjoy themselves and feel comfortable,” he said of the cancer centre, designed for 15-25 year old.s

“The important thing I think overall with any treatment is still being able to be you,” he added.

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In May this year, Samuel was honoured with a Minister for Youth Volunteers Award. (Image/Ten Eyewitness News)

Samuel’s death following a tumultuous past year for the 69-year-old radio presenter.

Last year, Red suffered a fall that resulted in a brain injury, and suddenly lost the ABC breakfast radio job he’d held for 14 years.

He also split from his wife Elly and they sold the Melbourne home they’d lived in since 1998.

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Red Symons with his ex-wife Elly Symons.

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