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REVEALED: Paul Hogan’s shock crush on Sophie Monk

Look out Stu, Hoges has his eye on Sophie!
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After Aussie legend Paul Hogan and The Bachelorette Australia star Sophie Monk cosied up at the 2017 AACTA Awards last week, sources tell Woman’s Day the 78-year-old Crocodile Dundee legend has now set his sights on her!

An insider reveals, “Hoges is a confident guy, and sees himself as a total ladies’ man.”

“He’s been single for a few years now and on the prowl for a new girlfriend.”

“He fancies his chance with a down-to-earth Aussie like Soph. She is blonde, curvy and gorgeous, so it’s easy to see why he’d go for her. She’s just his type.”

Hoges’ secret crush comes amid constant rumours that Sophie, 37, has already split from her Bachelorette boyfriend Stu Laundy, 45.

Paul and Sophie hit it off at the AACTA Awards.

It’s believed Sophie and Stu have already split.

“Hoges and Sophie really clicked,” our source adds.

“It was pretty clear that he found her to be both charming and beautiful,” our source adds.

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During a recent interview on Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, the 37-year-old opened up about her dynamic with Stu, revealing her work commitments keep them apart.

“I travel a lot for work. I think they’re used to these people coming off the show and being together as a profession every day, but I’m never home.”

“We’ve both got separate lives as well, we’re not co-dependent, either,” Soph explained.

The singer shared this cosy snap with Hoges from the AACTAs.

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