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Patti Newton’s silent tribute to Bert almost three months after losing her soulmate

She didn't need to say a word for us to know how much she loved him.
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It has been almost three months since Bert Newton’s tragic death rocked Australia and left his family, including wife Patti Newton, devastated.

Though his memory will live on for decades to come, Bert’s widow is feeling his loss as keenly as ever as she faces life without him at her side.

On Tuesday, Patti took to Instagram to share a tribute her late husband.

The performer posted an old photo of Bert from his hospital bed, but looking in high spirits.

Patti shared this photo of her late husband in hospital.


The image, which she chose to post without any captoon, received an outpouring of love and support from Patti’s followers.

“We are always thinking of you, Patti! 💕,” one fan wrote, while another added: “Beloved forever ❤️.”

“Our ever smiling Burt ❤️,” a third penned.

Bert’s death was announced on 30th October 2021. The 83-year-old had been battling health complications for a while.

In November 2020, it was Patti that revealed her husband had been admitted to hospital.

The following year, in May, Bert had to have his leg amputated due to an uncontrollable infection in his toe.

“It got worse … he was seeing doctors and specialists and they couldn’t seem to get it right, it kept on spreading.” Peter Ford told The Morning Rush with Sean and Kate.

“Basically he was told last week, you have a couple of months to live, or if you have your leg amputated, you’ll probably have a few years. So, he agreed to have the leg amputated on Saturday.”

Patti remained by Bert’s side for nearly 50 years of marriage. The fellow performer mourned her husband’s death soon before the couple were due to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary on November 9th.

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Crestfallen at losing her soulmate, Patti addressed the public about the emotional chasm she and her family have experienced since Bert’s passing.

“It’s very, very devastating. All our hearts are breaking because he was just the most wonderful man,” she told reporters outside of the family home the day after his passing.

“He had such a fabulous attitude. And he gave us so much joy right up to the end.”

The performer also spoke about her final moments with her husband, explaining that she tragically missed his last breath.

Bert and Patti Newton were the golden couple of Australian showbiz.


“I left at ten past seven, and I was just pulling around to come into my drive and I get the call to say he’d taken his last breath at 7.22pm.

“So I missed him, but maybe he didn’t want me to be there for his last breath.

“We have to just make sure that the love he gave us stays with us forever.”

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