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Paris Hilton claims that she could have been the next Princess Diana!

Too bad that sex tape ruined her plans…
Paris Hilton talks about her sex tape

Paris Hilton is certainly celebrity royalty but she believes that if it wasn’t for her sex tape she would have been compared to the real deal, the late Princess Diana.

The hotel heiress discussed her infamous sex tape with her former flame, Rick Salomon to US Marie Claire.

Rick released the sex tape 1 Night in Paris back in 2001 – which Paris filmed with him when she was 18 – without her consent.

And, to this day Paris believes the tape tainted her reputation.

“It’s really hurtful, because my whole life I really looked up to Princess Diana, all these elegant, amazing women, and I feel like [Rick] just took that all away from me,” she revealed.

“I could have been like that, but because of that tape, I will always be judged and thought of as whatever they say about me because of a private moment between my boyfriend and me.”

What’s more, looking back Paris says she regrets her relationship with Rick all together. We don’t blame her!

“I wish I had never met him. That is actually the one regret in my life,” she spilled. “I could not leave my house for months. I was so depressed, humiliated. I didn’t want to be seen in public.”

But Paris has since found a guy that she can trust, The Leftovers star Chris Zylka, who she’s been dating since February, 2017. In fact, she reckons he is The One!

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my life,” she told.

“He’s so incredible in every way,” she told E! News back in April.

“I feel so safe and he’s so special. We’re best friends and we’re together every minute. I don’t know what else I could ask for. He’s perfect for me.”


Meanwhile, Paris says she also wants to be known as being a hard-working business woman, rather than just for her personal life.

Indeed, the savvy star is not only one of the highest paid female DJ’s but she also has several product lines from handbags to perfume. Talk about a far cry from those The Simple Life days!

“People love to talk s–t,” Paris admitted to Marie Claire of the public’s view of her.

“I’m used to it, over the years. I love how, anyone I meet, I always change their mind right away. I’m not what people think. It’s fun to kind of laugh with it and say I’m in on the joke.”

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