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Nicole Kidman tells-all on Keith Urban’s big news!

Hint: it's a pretty big music award in the U.S...
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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s love story is an inspiration for the ages, and the lovebirds have just received some very exciting news! Nicole posted on her Instagram story to share how proud she was, and so are we as fans.

Can you guess what the big news is for Nicole and Keith?

Look at just how in love these two are.

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If you guessed Keith Urban being nominated for the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame… how do you do it! The highest song writing achievement a singer can ever get in their lifetime.

Nicole couldn’t contain her excitement for her country music husband of 17 years quoting, “Congratulations baby!!

What an incredible honor xx.”

Dolly Parton joining the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1986.

(Image: Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame)

It’s not one-sided support ladies and gentlemen, as Keith Urban also rallied to support his partner when Nicole Kidman released her newest TV series – Special Ops: Lioness.

Sharing her achievement on Facebook commenting,

“When Nic told me that Taylor Sheridan had a story he wanted to do w/ her, I knew it would be extraordinary – and sure enough – I love this series. Huge props to the whole cast – check it out now on Paramount+ !!!!!!! Love you babygirl.”

Nicole Kidman starring in Special Ops: Lioness.

(Image: Paramount Plus)

And after writing Got It Right This Time inspired by Nicole Kidman, I’m sure she agrees that he deserves the award with him singing…

“She believes in me like I’ve been trying to do, I’m seeing things I’ve never seen before. Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been a better man.” We’d honestly cry after that.

Keith Urban playing at the Grey Cup halftime show at McMahon Stadium on November 24, 2019 in Calgary, Canada.

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Keith told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the news, “It’s truly surreal, I just wouldn’t have believed it.

To be recognized as a writer is extraordinary because I’ve always loved songwriting. (I didn’t want to be) singing somebody else’s song.”

We wonder whether their kids Sunday Urban (aged 15) and Faith Urban (aged 13) will attend the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala on October 11th? Either way, we’re sure they’re very proud of their award-winning dad.

Is anyone else seeing double?

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What’s next for Keith Urban? Well, you didn’t hear it from us but Keith has a new album coming out soon! Fingers crossed we’ll hear his fresh songs from the heart early next year in 2024.

“Most of the album, I’d say, is finished, I’m in the final stages of landing the plane right now,” Keith told Hello Magazine.

“At this stage, there is one song that will probably finish the album, it’s called Break the Chain, and that’s probably the most personal song, out of everything.”

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