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Well. Nicole Kidman’s steamy new picture with Keith Urban just woke us up

They really are crazy about each other.
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It’s Friday morning, the sun is shining, coffee is brewing and we’re scrolling lazily through our Instagram feeds when WHAM.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are full-throttle going at it. Right there. On our screens. Passion, wildness… tongue.

Yep, we’ve known the married couple have been crazy in love for a long time, but this post hits different. This post really cements a romance worthy of a Baz Luhrmann blockbuster.

Today, Keith and Nicole are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. And if 15 years of PDAs wasn’t already enough, Nicole has decided to add a little extra spice to the mix with one of the pair’s most graphic displays of affection yet.

Sharing a professionally shot image (snapped by photographer JR), Nicole and Keith are seen in an intimate embrace, with the singer-songwriter literally licking his wife’s neck.

“Happy Anniversary baby!” Nicole captioned the post alongside three lip smacking emojis.

It’s an image that unsurprisingly captures one’s attention immediately. Not least for the, ahem, tongue action at play.

And it quickly struck a chord with Nicole’s seven million followers.

“Well no one could ever say that these two aren’t crazy about each other. That’s for sure,” one wrote.

Another added: “Have at it!!! Happy Anniversary!!”

“DECEASED,” a fan simply chimed in.

“Well no one could ever say that these two aren’t crazy about each other.”


Yes, there’s no denying these two are well and truly comfortable with a humble PDA.

But of course, the COVID pandemic hasn’t exactly posed the best platform to show off just how wildly in love these two are.

One of the last times we saw them so publicly loved up was when the couple attended the 2018 ARIA Awards.

As well as posing for multiple photographs in a tight embrace, Nicole couldn’t keep her eyes off Keith even when they were being photographed separately.

Nicole and Keith’s PDAs have a long history in Australia.


And who could forget the pair’s loved up lockdown, where they released several videos of an at-home jamming session.

In the clip, Keith sings his heart out while Nicole is his biggest fangirl, cheering him on and dancing along to his tune.

Fangirl moment in progress.


As they celebrate 15 years of marriage bliss, we’re sure the pair are spending the day taking in all that wedded life has to offer – including the family they’ve built.

With daughters Sunday and Faith and a Nashville household of furry friends, these two have really found their perfect match.

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