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Natalie Barr’s Sunrise style hack reveals the truth about TV fashion

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Since taking on the role of Sunrise host, Natalie Barr has impressed viewers day-after-day with her stylish, sophisticated and tailored fashion ensembles.

From pink power suits to ravishing red ensembles – the 54-year-old could be considered the next Carrie Bickmore in terms of setting the fashion agenda on our screens each day.

But we now know that everything isn’t always as it seems when it comes to the ‘polished’ looks we see on our TV screens.

In a video posted to her Instagram, Natalie showed off a gorgeous blue two-piece pants and blazer set that she wore during her hosting duties.

WATCH: Nat Barr’s sneaky tailoring trick (article continues below video).

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After giving us a few poses, Nat then turns around to walk around, at which point we can see that there is something on the back of her pale blue jacket.

The video frame zooms in and it appears that the Sunrise host and her on-set stylist has been crafty with some safety pins, a row going down her back, cinching in the fabric which then from the front makes the blazer appear tailored.

From the front you wouldn’t know any better!

(Image: Instagram)

Nat obviously wanted to show the ‘reality’ of TV fashion, sharing the video with a humorous caption, writing: ‘Keeping it together before holidays,’ while adding a laughing emoji.

Formerly a newsreader on the show, Barr stepped into the fulltime co-hosting role on Sunrise in March 2021 and she hasn’t been afraid to embrace colour in her on-screen looks since.

Yet another beautiful tailored suit look on Natalie.

(Image: Instagram)

Speaking previously to Woman’s Day, Natalie Barr revealed that she loves playing dress-ups on the Sunrise set.

“My ‘real life’ involves a lot of black, navy and brown, but my ‘Sunrise life’ is all about colour, so I get to be a different version of me,” said the breakfast TV host, who admitted she’s now confident having fun with fashion.

“I’m so much more open-minded working with a stylist who says, ‘Just try it on!’ I love a jacket but it used to be the only thing we were allowed to wear.

“Now the whole world of fashion has opened up to us.”

Nat looks angelic in white.

(Image: Instagram)

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