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EXCLUSIVE: Nat Barr admits her fashion sense has been "all uphill" from the wild perms and style disasters of the 80s

The Sunrise star is looking fashion-forward and sassy.

By Woman's Day team
Natalie Barr loves playing dress-ups on the Sunrise set.
"My 'real life' involves a lot of black, navy and brown, but my 'Sunrise life' is all about colour, so I get to be a different version of me," says the breakfast TV host, who admits she's now confident having fun with fashion.
"I'm so much more open-minded working with a stylist who says, 'Just try it on!' I love a jacket but it used to be the only thing we were allowed to wear.
"Now the whole world of fashion has opened up to us."
Nat loves experimenting with colour Social Media
Nat says she's certainly come a long way from her days as "a teenager in regional Australia in the 80s,'' adding "it's all been uphill from the fashion and hair perms we had back then".
Indeed, at 53, the star's never felt or looked better – and it shows!
"They've revamped Nat without taking away that lovely natural look she has that viewers love," a TV insider tells Woman's Day of the star's bosses at Seven.
"She has the added advantage of being so tall!"
"It means stylists and fashion labels flood her with just about everything from understated elegance labels to some really bright and fun stuff."
"She's been on a strict exercise program and has adopted a sensible eating plan under nutritionist to the stars and Sunrise regular contributor Sarah Di Lorenzo, who has worked with Mon Wright and Matt Doran on their remarkable makeovers," the insider tells Woman's Day.
"The proof is in the pudding."
She makes the most of her time off! Social Media
While Nat once confessed she's "not one of those people who panics about looks'', the insider says the TV star is impressed at how she's honed her already-trim figure with Sarah's weight loss program.
"Nat's always been very slim but she wanted to tidy up her diet and exercise regimen and she knows and trusts Sarah's program because it works," the insider says of the mother-of-two, who keeps in shape with walking and short and sharp workouts that involve abs, arms and legs.
"Nothing too fancy but it works for her time-poor routine," the source says, adding that Nat is up at 3am every weekday to get to the Sunrise set by 3.30am.
Nat's in the habit of keeping her meal plans simple, too.
With co-host Kochie, whose outfits are quite plain! Channel 7
"She's now following a low-maintenance diet that isn't too restrictive but is very balanced and allows her to indulge in the odd glass of wine," says the source.
And she isn't worried about the odd wrinkle either...
"I haven't had Botox – though no judgement if you do," says Nat, who prefers laser treatments and facials to cosmetic enhancements.
"I'm just glad the viewer doesn't expect us all to be 23."

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