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Michelle Bridges is in love with being a single mum!

''I already have a man''
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Star trainer Michelle Bridges has moved back to Sydney and is loving life as a single mum in the city.

“I’m really excited about the next chapter of moving back and being closer to my work and my friends and family and seeing what life brings next,” Michelle tells Woman’s Day.

Loving life

Michelle, 52, recently sold her property in the NSW Southern Highlands.

“Anybody out there who has been through any kind of break-up, particularly when kids are involved, knows it’s very difficult. It’s very private, it’s very personal and it’s very challenging. You really have to step up to be a co-parent,” she says.

“But I’m good. I’m so good. I own the remote control. I own the couch. I don’t have to do anyone’s washing. I do feel like I am ready for what this next chapter brings. I’m quite excited. I’m in a really good place. I already have a man in my life!”

They’ve been through thick and thin together.

(Credit: Narelle Spangher Stamping Ground)

That man is her seven-year-old son Axel, who was only too happy to join forces last week with his famously fit mum to help launch AusBike, a new learn-to-ride program designed to give kids aged five to 12 the foundational skills needed to build their confidence and competence.

“I’m really happy, and I’m just loving my life with my son right now. He’s cool and he’s fun to hang out with,” smiles Michelle as Axel zooms past, flashing a grin, and insisting he’s actually the one who “owns” the remote control in their home.

“It’s right up my alley. I’m always encouraging more Australians to be active and get moving – and when you can do it in a way that is fun, it’s play.”

Perfect pair

“I’m a bike rider and Axel is a bike rider, and it’s something we really do enjoy doing together. We have the parks we like to ride at, and we will often go and explore new ones as well. He likes to go fast and go down hills – and force his mother to close her eyes!”

For Michelle, Axel is the number one person in her life, and she has no plans to change that for a while as they find a new normal following her split from Steve “Commando” Willis in January 2020.

Her son, Axel is the only person she needs.

(Credit: Narelle Spangher Stamping Ground)

The couple fell in love on The Biggest Loser, and started dating in 2013 after Michelle separated from her husband of 10 years, Bill Moore, before the relationship ended when Axel was just four.

She built an incredibly successful fitness empire on the back of her fame as a TV personal trainer, but Michelle says nothing compares to being a mum.

“It’s been everything I hoped it would be. Everybody said they grow up so quick. I can put my hand on my heart and say I have spent as much time as I possibly can with this gorgeous kid of mine and I absolutely love it.”

“When I drop him off at school every morning, he shuts the door, puts his backpack on and he looks through the window and he points to his eye and he makes a love heart with his hands and then he points to me – that’s his little goodbye to me.”

Michelle and Axel are hitting the track!

(Credit: Narelle Spangher Stamping Ground)

Get on your bike!

Michelle has put her support behind a new learn-to-ride program designed to give primary school kids like her son Axel the skills needed to build confidence and competence to ride their bikes safely to school.

“This program is incredible because it’s evidence-based and it’s been written by experts and it’s delivered by accredited coaches [through cycling and riding clubs],” she says, encouraging all Australian parents to enrol their kids in the new AusBike program.

AusCycling hopes the new program launched last week will encourage kids to be more active following a sharp drop in the national rate of active travel to school, and deliver peace of mind to parents.

“It gives me a sense of confidence moving forward that Axel is going to learn the fundamentals of how to look after his bike, how to ride it with good skill, and then also understand the safety aspects around cars, busy roads, traffic lights and crossings,” says Michelle.

For more information and to register, visit ausbike.au.

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