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Michael Klim confirms his ex-wife Lindy is engaged

The swimming champ learned his former wife's news through Instagram.
Michael and Lindy

Former Olympic swimmer, Michael Klim, dropped a huge bombshell during a radio interview – his estranged wife Lindy is engaged, and he found out the news via social media.

Michael, who split from the model eight months ago after 10 years of marriage, broke the news during an interview with KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show, admitting he was shocked to find out about the engagement to Adam Ellis.

Michael appeared to confirm ex-wife Lindy’s engagement to new man Adam.

When the hosts asked if Michael had moved on from their public split, he said “We have, we’ve all moved on”.

Kyle then said: “I’ve noticed that your ex has got engaged”, to which Michael replied, “She’s moved on, that’s for sure”.

The host continued: “Did you find that’s too soon? Did you say anything? Did you text her?”

Michael then replied “Ah… you know, each to their own. No, I found out through Instagram!”

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The admission comes just days after rumours sparked that Balinese-born Lindy and Adam had become engaged when friends took to Instagram to congratulate them.

There has been no official announcement of the engagement yet from either Lindy or her new hubby-to-be.

Lindy and Michael married in 2006, and together they share three children: Stella, 10, Frankie, three, and son, Rocco, seven.

The couple announced their split in February this year by issuing a statement saying: “It is with much respect for each other that Michael and Lindy Klim have agreed to formally separate, believing that this decision is best for their family.”

Michael and Lindy pictured with their kids before their split.

Lindy announced her new relationship with Adam just weeks later, telling Daily Mail Australia: ‘It’s completely not what I expected, to fall back into another relationship, but he’s so lovely.

“Adam is amazing and I’m really fortunate that I found him. It’s been a tough little while for me, but I’m really happy now.”

She has since flooded her Instagram page with pictures of the couple, who have recently been on holiday to Morocco, where it is believed Adam proposed.

She captioned one picture: “What’s that over there … oh it’s my new future and it’s certainly looking bright!” Confirming in a reply to a follower that she’d soon be an ‘Ellis girl’.

Michael has also found a new partner, fashion designer Desiree Devari. He opened up about her in his radio interview, saying: “She’s great. She’s great with the kids, she’s helping out. She’s awesome.”

But when asked if marriage is on the cards for him too, Michael was a little more shy, simply saying: “Not at this point. Eventually I might, who knows”.

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