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Karl Stefanovic goes underground as the Michael Clarke feud explodes

''He's burned many bridges over the years...''
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When news broke last week of Karl Stefanovic and Michael Clarke squaring off in a Noosa park as a result of claims Michael cheated on his girlfriend, Karl’s sister-in-law Jade Yarbrough, sources say nobody was more upset than his ex-wife Kyly.


“Swearing on your daughter’s life about not cheating is low – that’s a violation of family,” says a source, who reveals it’s been like a “kick in the guts” to Kyly, who is said to have had stern calls with Michael since the story broke.

The extraordinary showdown, captured by a bystander, saw Michael and Jade in a screaming match, reportedly sparked after Michael’s ex Pip Edwards tipped Jade off about them sleeping together.

“I accept full responsibility for this altercation and am shattered by my actions,” confessed Michael, 41. Insiders maintain fitness guru Kyly, also 41, has gone into “protection mode” for the sake of their seven-year-old daughter Kesley Lee, who she hopes is unaffected by her father’s public fallout.

Its a “kick in the guts” for Kyly.

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It feels like only yesterday that Karl Stefanovic was embroiled in a front-page saga, but Ubergate – where a driver caught him speaking ill of his Today team – was five years ago.

Fast forward to 2023, and just one week back on the job, sources say its yet to be seen what the true fallout of the incident will be for 48-year-old Karl, or as Michael calls him, “Karlos”.

“He is actually feeling quietly relieved he hasn’t come out as the bad guy in all this,” tells one sleuth, who says the TV anchor is thankful there is only several minutes of footage obtained and hints there was more to the fight between Michael and Karl that wasn’t caught.

Sources at Nine maintain the presenter “pleaded” not to air the footage or story on Today, despite rival Sunrise leading with the story on January 19.

Sadly, Karl’s new co-host Sarah Abo, who joined the show the same week the story broke, is said to be “very upset” about the scandal and is worried what dramas could follow.

We are yet to discover more about Karl’s feud with Michael.

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The footage of Michael desperately trying to squash Jade’s claims made for rather interesting viewing. “Baby, baby, [friend Anthony Bell] was at the house. I swear on my life, I swear at my life… That’s not true, it’s not true,” he whines, but insiders say those around the former cricket captain want him to focus less on “what really happened” and instead get help.

“His mates are strongly advising him to step away for a bit. He has to salvage his career,” says a source, who maintains his lucrative Indian TV commentary role could be up in the air as a result of the shocking incident that has made national news.

As well as being left in a questionable state with his work, some insiders also wonder what will come of his ambassadorships, while others say he also stands to lose his mates.

“He’s burned many bridges over the years,” says a source, who notes there’s a lot to be desired about his friendship with Karl. In the video, Michael repeatedly calls the TV host a “c—” and tells him not to look away.

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Insiders say Jade Yarbrough felt like she had won the lotto when she captured Michael’s heart.

“She felt like she was about to have the romance and lifestyle that her sister Jasmine has with Karl,” tells a source, who remarks that “it just wasn’t meant to be”.

In the explosive video, Jade, who raised eyebrows by slapping Michael twice, is heard going on an expletive-filled rant at him as she details information about his dalliance with Pip. Incredible footage shows Michael limping around a park shirtless as an incensed Jade accuses him of being a “liar” and reveals she’s seen a text exchange that shows he slept with Pip on December 17.

Just five days before the news broke of the January 10 incident, Jade, 30, was spied leaving love hearts on Michael’s Instagram. It’s unclear if they have since split.

Jade could be seen slapping Michael in the video.

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Fashion queen Pip, who owns her hugely popular PE Nation clothing brand, is alleged to have made sure the incriminating texts, with her and Michael, made their way into Jade’s hands but the Sydney socialite seems hardly troubled by all the stir it has caused!

“This is not my circus,” the 42-year-old told The Daily Telegraph. “Yet again, Michael in his true nature has not taken responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to,” said Pip, who was enjoying Elton John’s concert as the video began to circulate online.

In the encounter, Jade makes reference to a text on Michael’s phone where he invites “the love of his life” Pip to India with him ahead of his commentating gig.

Meanwhile Pip seems to be unbothered by all the drama.

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There are two reasons Jasmine Stefanovic is said to be reeling – the 38-year-old mum-of-one is “extremely protective” of her sister Jade and equally “furious” her husband Karl let the situation escalate like it has.

“In a public place like a park in Noosa, with families all around, Jasmine is feeling incredibly disappointed that her sister’s foul language and physical attack on Michael have been made public for the world to see,” says a source.

“Jasmine just wants it all to go away and has told Karl that he’s run 
out of any more chances – she’s pleading now for him to go under the radar for a while before something else blows up.”

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