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Megan Gale’s shocking Valentine’s Day gift from partner Shaun Hampson

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When you think ‘Valentine’s Day presents’, you think flowers, chocolates, jewellery… just overall lovely, thoughtful and special gifts to receive from your significant other.

Shaun Hampson, former AFL player, Survivor star and long-time partner of supermodel Megan Gale, obviously thought different.

For Valentine’s Day Shaun gifted his fiancée a video compilation of all the times he has given Megan a fright, and we must admit, it’s hilarious!

Taking to his Instagram, the father-of-two posted the video (WATCH BELOW: language warning) with the caption ‘I scare because I care… Happy Valentines Day ❤️.’

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Six times, was the total amount of times that poor Megan nearly had a heart attack when he jumped out to frighten his partner of almost 12 years.

But obviously the 47-year-old could see the humour in the video, as she reposted it to her own Instagram following of 450k followers, with the opening screengrab including a message from Megan, “Shaun takes great pleasure in scaring me. It seems you guys like to see it too. Here’s a scare compilation he made at my expense and for your viewing pleasure. As you can see I don’t react well when I’m startled.”

In the comments friends and fans were loving the special V-day ‘gift’, with athlete Samantha Gash asking Shaun for more of the scare videos.

Megan and Shaun met in 2011.

(Image: Instagram)

The model, actress and TV presenter turned businesswoman fell in love with her now-fiancé in 2011, the couple got engaged in 2017, but have yet to get married, instead concentrating on raising their two children, River and Rosie.

From just the video you can tell that humour is a big part of their relationship, which Shaun’s previously spoken about in the past.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Shaun said in 2019, “Our sense of humour is so stitched together, it is like one mind. If we are not looking after the kids or doing dinner, we are joking around.”

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