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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Cam Merchant reveals the scary truth behind his and Jules Robinson’s son’s scar

''He was in tears.''
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In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, former Married At First Sight star Cameron Merchant revealed how his son Oliver got his little scar on his forehead.

It is a tiny detail to anyone outside the family, but for Cam and his wife Jules Robinson it was one of the scariest days of their lives as parents.

“We had our first parenting trauma [in] Easter,” he confessed.

Cam just celebrated his second Father’s Day with his family.

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“[Oliver] tripped and split his little head open. We were in the hospital and it was our first proper trauma because he was in tears, he was screaming,” he revealed exclusively.

“It was hard. Because they just don’t know what is going on. It’s the worst thing in the world because you want them to be okay.

“If you could take away their pain, you 100% would any day of the week. But the short fact is you can’t [and] you’ve just got to get through that.”

Oli’s scar is placed just above his eyebrows.

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Their parenting fears only worsened for Cam after coronavirus regulations which strictly limited visitors in hospital, and said “Jules could only go in because it was COVID, so I couldn’t be there.”

Despite the emotional heartbreak from watching his beautiful son in pain, Cam said this moment is where he and Jules stepped up as parents.

“We came out of that hospital thinking ‘okay, we sort of know we are going to be okay’. But for other parents and whatever their children might be going through, [we understand] how hard that may be,” Cam said.

“I think that’s another reason why we extend our love and support to any parent. There is always hardships, but I think its how you look at them and the support you have.”

We would love to see their family grow!

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Cam revealed he often calls on his father for his advice and help, “I am very lucky that we’ve got my father down the road, and we can work together and reminisce on any times where he’s helped me.”

The former MAFS star also confessed he and Jules “absolutely” want another addition to their adorable family.

“We visualise having a bigger family and extending that,” he revealed, but while he would like to have a little girl, he said “happy [and] healthy is all we can ever ask for.”

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