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Home And Away’s Luke Jacobz finally ties the knot with Raychel Stuart

''It was a really special moment.''
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After the pandemic lockdowns put a stop to their original wedding plans – twice – former Home And Away’s Luke Jacobz has finally married his soulmate, Raychel Stuart.

The pair have been engaged since 2018, to which Luke began to lose hope that Raychel would become his wife. But in front of 32 guests, they said “I do” on June 3 in Sydney’s Centennial Park.

They’ve been engaged since 2018.

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Luke and Raychel revealed their intimate day to New Idea, which was kept under wraps for a whole month.

After both newlyweds lost their fathers, and Raychel’s brothers were unable to attend from LA, the bride was walked down the aisle by her new mother-in-law’s partner, John.

“John was just absolutely blown away to be asked to do it,” Luke told New Idea. “It was a really special moment.”

The pair tied the knot on June 3.

(Image: Instagram)

As for the moment Raychel saw her husband-to-be standing at the end of the aisle? It was an “unreal” and “dreamlike” moment she will never forget.

“All the pieces together were just so beautiful,” she revealed to New Idea.

But Luke’s favourite moment was picking up his new wife and giving her a kiss – how cute!

“I was a mess. When I saw Raychel I just lost it because we’ve been waiting so long for it to happen. I ended up using all the tissues, and not Raychel which was part of the plan,” he said.

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And just because they had since 2018 to plan the beautiful ceremony, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a few issues along the way! Not only was Raychel sick in the months leading up to the wedding but her dress had a malfunction and she needed an entirely brand-new gown.

Afterwards, the intimate ceremony moved for a reception held at the couple’s favourite Indian restaurant in North Sydney, Lavendra with a beautiful view of the Harbour Bridge.

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