Home and Away’s Luke Jacobz shares an unrecognisable throwback that’s simply adorable

You've never seen him like this before!
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He’s won Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, starred on Home and Away, and McLeod’s Daughters, but you’ve never seen Luke Jacobz quite like this before.

The former I Am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here contestant has recently stumbled upon a rare picture of himself from way back when, thanks to his doting mother.

He posted the childhood shot of himself onto Instagram and in the caption he revealed his boyish nature was sometimes too much for his poor mum to handle.

“I was a handful as a child..”

(Credit: Instagram)

“Mum just found this little pic hidden in a box..,” Luke explains.

“All I know is. I was a handful as a child.. but was loved unconditionally..Our parents shape us to be the people we are… so I’ll always be forever.

“Love you Ma! ❤️,” he heart-warmingly signed off his message.

His fans in the comment section were over the moon about the adorable throwback and couldn’t contain their excitement.

One follower wrote, “What a sweet innocent little face!!! How times have change hahahahaha,” and another commented, “You look so cute❤️ it was already known then that he was a heartbreaker 🔥🔥.”

However, one fan was keen to compliment what everyone knows to be true, “Clearly destined for greatness,” they said.

Luke on McLeod’s Daughters as Patrick Brewer.

(Credit: Instagram)

TV Week has dug up some nostalgic pictures from Luke’s roles on our iconic Aussie soaps in the spirit of the humble throwback.

Above is the actor as Patrick Brewer in McLeod’s Daughters, a brother of the local vet who was always keen on adventure and making the most of his life, but his flighty nature was a slight red flag.

Luke first played Home and Away’s Angelo Rosetta in 2008, but then ten years later, he returned to the Summer Bay set to revive his character, who was caught up in the gnarly discovery of a dead body.

“I wasn’t expecting it, the call came and they literally asked me what I was doing next week.”

(Credit: Instagram)

In an interview with Radio Times, the performer revealed why he decided to return to the show.

“I wasn’t expecting it, the call came and they literally asked me what I was doing next week as they were thinking of bringing Angelo back! I always said I was glad he wasn’t killed off, so it was left open for a possible return one day,” he said.

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