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Lleyton Hewitt’s grand-slam cutest dad moments

Lleyton and Bec Hewitt are serving up three adorable aces!
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He might have officially retired in 2016 but like the John Farnham of tennis, Lleyton Hewitt is back and better than ever.

The father-of-three has delighted fans and come out of retirement, making a surprise return at the 2018 Australian Open doubles tournament with Sam Groth in what’s shaping up to be one of the most successful pairings of the year.

In between smashing his way through to the quarter finals, Lleyton can be found in the commentator’s box narrating all the action on the court for the men and women’s singles on Channel 7.

Busy? Just a little. But c’mon! Rusty wouldn’t have it any other way.

And through it all, his adoring wife Bec Hewitt and their three kids Mia, 12, Cruz, nine, and Ava, seven, have been cheering him on from the crowd.

He might have won the US Open in 2001 and the 2002 Wimbledon men’s singles but Lleyton says his greatest achievement is “marrying Bec and having the three best kids.”

To celebrate Lleyton’s triumphant Australian Open return as he prepares for tonight’s quarter finals, we round up his sweetest family moments!

His love for his mini-me son, Cruz

The apple seriously doesn’t fall far in the Hewitt family, and while Mia and Ava are Bec’s mini-mes Cruz is a carbon copy of Lleyton.

The energetic tyke isn’t just his dad’s look-alike, he’s also taken a keen interest in tennis. Lleyton even reckons we’ll be seeing Cruz make his Australian Open debut when he’s around 14.

“Hopefully he gets a chance to play in this great event if he wants to. Hopefully he beats me,” the proud dad has mused.

Can you imagine Lleyton getting the chance to commentate as Cruz takes to the court?

Watch this space…

Keeping the Hewitt tennis dynasty alive! The next generation is in safe hands with Cruz.

Cruz has literally grown up on the tennis court.

We can’t wait to see what Cruz gets up to.

His daughters make him a not-so-secret softie

There’s nothing more precious than the relationship a father shares with his daughter and when it comes to Mia and Ava, Lleyton is a complete and utter softie.

Describing the privilege of raising his girls as “the greatest gift of life”, the 36-year-old shares an unbreakable bond with the pair.

WATCH: Lleyton tears up as his kids surprise him at the Australian Open. Post continues…

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Mia and Ava were front and centre when Lleyton officially retired at the Australian Open in 2016.

Kisses for dad.

Ava is already following in Bec’s footsteps and loves to perform.

The kids will no doubt be cheering on Lleyton tonight at the quarter finals.

“They are going to have lifelong memories of this. Of being out there with me,” he says of his kids getting to witness him on the courts.

His ultimate doubles partner

Lleyton credits his “rock” and wife of 12 years Bec for holding the family together throughout his tennis career, and says they make a powerhouse team.

“I love her so much and we have a great life together, and she produced three fantastic kids,” he admitted of the former Home and Away actress.

Adding to the Herald Sun: “You have the highs and lows of being a professional athlete, and some of the tougher times for me are coming back from surgeries, seven years or so, when I’ve, you know, had five surgeries in the last seven years.”

“And you start doubting whether you will actually be able to come back so to be able to have a person to be able to talk it out with, is vital.”

“She really is my soulmate, and we go through absolutely everything together. I couldn’t be prouder to have Bec alongside me.”

Ever supportive Bec is a constant in the crowd and always there to cheer on her husband.

Bec and Lleyton tied the knot in 2005.

“She really is my soulmate, and we go through absolutely everything together.”

Good luck tonight, Rusty!

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