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BREAKING (arm): Lisa Wilkinson on the moment her holiday took the nastiest of turns

She says: "The pain was like a red hot dagger stabbing into my right wrist."
Lisa Wilkinson

Just last month, Lisa Wilkinson took to social media to share with the her Aussie fans (read: all of us) that she was forced to take time off after having surgery to treat carpal tunnel in her left wrist.

But that didn’t stop the much-loved TODAY show host from heading on a picturesque Italian vacation with her husband, ex-rugby star and writer Peter FitzSimons – and document all of their beautiful travels on her Instagram feed.

Lisa lapping up the beautiful Italian sun before her painful break.

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However, it was Lisa’s latest holiday snap that has caused us to worry with the 57-year-old sharing a picture of herself with a plastered arm (the right, not the left!), with the caption: “And so ends my beautiful Italian holiday with two badly broken bones after a shocking fall on a wet bathroom floor.”

She then directed her fans to Huffington Post Australia for a full breakdown of her “ouchy” ordeal.

“The pain was like a red hot dagger stabbing into my right wrist,” Lisa begins.

“Urgent phone calls. Bucket-loads of ice. Gobbled pain-killers. More agony than I’ve ever felt, outside of child-birth.”

“Within 20 minutes my husband and I were on our way on the most windy road in the world to the local hospital, as the achingly beautiful coast rushed by: all fishing boats, beaches of brightly coloured umbrellas, thousand-year-old churches, towering mountains and more than 300 bends — 301, counting my wrist,” she continues.

“Despite the four local anaesthetics in my arm beforehand, it nevertheless saw the agony of child-birth left behind for two minutes.)”

She then goes on to thank the medical professionals in Italy who helped mend her badly broken bones, before showing her true Aussie spirit in that it would take more than a broken arm (ow!) to ruin her incredible holiday.

“Ultimately, not the mid-year break I was looking for – snapped in two places – but, still, thank you Italy for your beautiful vistas and great big heart.”

This comes just three weeks after the morning show host revealed on Instagram she’d undergone surgery to treat carpal tunnel in her left hand.

Lisa nursing her carpal tunnel surgery BEFORE breaking her other arm in Italy.

Dressed in Rice Bubbles pyjamas and wrapped up with a crocheted blanket around her, Lisa, like this latest picture, was seen nursing a bulky cast set on her wrist.

“So, I didn’t quite make it in to work today, because this happened …” she wrote, without revealing the cause of the injury.

“Back tomorrow, cast and all. Just need to find an outfit to go with it.”

Turns out, Lisa has been suffering from carpal tunnel, which is a numbness and tingling in the arm as a result of pinched nerves, for over four years and she had no idea.

Here’s wishing Lisa a speedy recovery!

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