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Larry Emdur shares a heartbreaking tribute to his late dad

''Dear God, if you're in the lounge tonight please keep an eye out for my Dad.''
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We’re used to seeing Larry Emdur joking around on breakfast television, but the Morning Show host has shared a heartbreaking post on the anniversary of his father’s death.

The 53 year-old took to Instagram to mark 14 years since his dad Dave passed away and shared a photo of his father as a young man.

”Dear God, if you’re in the lounge tonight please keep an eye out for my Dad.”

“He’ll be sipping a Southern Comfort with a splash of Coke. He’ll be the friendliest and happiest guy in the room, keeping everyone entertained with his eternal sense of humour and charming everyone with those ever-smiling eyes and cheeky smile.”

Larry shared a throwback picture of his dad during his hey-day. (Image: Instagram @larryemdur)

Larry continued in his post about the dangers of smoking and how much his death has impacted the Edmur family.

“Please tell him we wish he never smoked, we miss him everyday and we wish that he was still here with us.

“Please tell him he’s missing some incredible stuff with his grandkids and great grandchild. Oh and please tell him even though it’s 14 years today we still love him and will forever”.

According to the Australian Government, smoking is the largest preventable cause of death and disease in Australia with a tobacco-related death occuring about every 28 minutes in Australia.

WATCH: This viral video shows what smoking does to lungs (warning: graphic content). Post continues after video…

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In November, Larry had another family scare when his mother Faye was admitted to hospital.

“The queen of the Edmur family, my mum Faye is in hospital,” Larry told Morning Show viewers alongside his co-host Kylie Gillies, “She had a little fall.”

“She texted me this morning and said, ‘Now I’m forced to watch your show.'”

He went on to jokingly say, “Mum I hope you’re ok. I know you told the doctors you had a fall when coming out of the car but the reality is that it’s from smacking me when I didn’t clean up my room.”

But the Morning Show host also has reason to celebrate as he and wife Sylvie mark 24 years of marriage today.

“This morning Sylvie asked me why on earth she should stick around for another 24 years. I said coz I’ll be the funnest guy in the nursing home…she’s currently considering her options…loveyaguts xxxxx,” he shared.

Happy anniversary Larry and Sylvie! (Image: Instagram @larryedmur)

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