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Queen WAG Kyly Clarke’s inspirational new cooking video, featuring MJ-inspired gloves

According to Kyles, if you don't use white gloves in the kitchen, you're not kitchening properly.
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Lifestyle guru Kyly Clarke has imparted her daily dose of wisdom in the form of a new cooking video.

Michael Clarke’s other half dished up a clip on Instagram, filled with insightful how tos.

Leaving her hubby to rock his cricket whites, the 36-year-old decided to don a pair of white gloves and a black T-shirt with Kyly’s Kitchen emblazoned across it for the instructional video… And we’re the better for it!

Via her blog, Lyfestyled, Kelsey-Lee’s mama uploaded footage of herself teaching us everyday folk how make your very own cranberry and almond granola bars.

Watch Kyly cook her heart out in the video player above!

Lifestyle guru Kyly Clarke shares her recipe for cranberry and almond granola bars

The teaser on her social media will definitely have you racing to the full 16 minute YouTube video for the recipe.

Kyly’s creation consists of 24 almonds and you NEED to make sure you count each and everyone.

The proud wellness warrior also explains she loves making her own goodies.

“As a parent you know what goes into them and can cut the refined sugar in the recipe right back to what you believe is necessary,” the mum-of-one says.

While the granola bar method is pretty self-explanatory, many of you will be wondering, “Why the gloves, Kyly?”

The brunette beauty divulges that covering her delicate fingers, which are a hot-spot for germs, means she can rip them off once she is done and tuck right into her food!

“My favourite part- as we all know – is gloves off because I get to taste,” she gushed to the camera.

Plus, working with nature’s sweet ingredients means things can get messy!

Now you’re cooking with gas… We mean gloves!

“Doing so quickly, move the granola combination into the square pan, use gloves so that you don’t get the granola in between your fingers as it is very sticky,” she wrote in her blog post, before endorsing her glove use.

Addressing her viewers, the proud mama exclaimed, “Can you see now why I love cooking with gloves?”

“Would you really want to come over to my house, me offer you a muesli bar and then really behind the scenes you’re thinking, ‘OMG were her mufty [yucky] hands pressing down on my muesli bar? Did she have dry skin and do I have a piece of dry skin in muesli?'”

Sharing her comedic flair, she added, “We don’t want muesli that dry, baby!”

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The fascination with Kyly’s unique choice of cooking protection isn’t new.

In fact, during a recent visit to The Morning Show, the model was quizzed about it.

“I find it dirty and grimy to not wear gloves. They say there is so much underneath your nails and I don’t like overly washing my hands as I wash them a lot when I’m cooking,” she explained.

“So If I overly washed them, my hands would be very dry anyway.”

There you have it kids, when it doubt… Wrap it up!

Kyly loves creating her own creations!

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