Michael and Kyly Clarke's cricketing cutie Kelsey Lee wants to be a big sister!

Kyly Clarke dropped by The Morning Show but it was daughter Kelsey Lee that had everyone giggling!

By Chloe Lal
She may be one, but Michael Clarke's little princess has taken after her daddy.
The little tot showed viewers of Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies' breakfast show that she has a mean right arm as she threw her stuffed toy around the studio.
Mum Kyly was there to promote her range of Lyfestyled candles and diffusers but her daughter had other plans.
Smiling sweetly, the cricketing legend's prodigy let out a very cute "uh-oh" when she dropped her toys on the floor.
Discovering that her little hands held the secret to making veteran talk shows break, Kelsey Lee dramatically dropped her toys for a second time.
"Kylie's used to me throwing my toys out of the pram as well."
Like a duck to water, Kelsey took that as her cue to drop her bunny to the floor.
"She's got some attitude," Larry laughed, with Kylie remarking, "She said 'I'm onto you. I know if I throw this down, you're going to pick it right back up'."

Kyly and Michael became first-time parents when they welcomed their little angel in November 2015.
The 35-year-old lifestyle guru would love for Kelsey to have a sibling.
"If we were to have another child, and they were anything like my daughter, we're blessed. She is a little gem and I think it would be really lovely."
Adding, "I have got siblings and so does Michael, I am sure we would hope to have another child, but it is all in the timing."