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Inside Aussie superstars Daniel Ricciardo and Kylie Minogue’s fun-filled day in Monaco

''Kylie's having the time of her life.''
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Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue is enjoying a career resurgence thanks to her mega-successful wine brand and comeback single Padam Padam storming up the music charts.

And while her British ex Paul Solomons may no longer be around to enjoy the success with her, Woman’s Day hears Kylie, 55, is fully embracing single life and enjoying the company of very successful and attractive men – with one of them being Italian-Australian Formula One racer Daniel Ricciardo!

We love this Aussie superstar crossover!

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“Since she’s split from Paul, Kylie’s having the time of her life, flirting up a storm with everyone who crosses her path,” an insider close to the singer spills.

“She’s definitely on the hunt for a new partner, and while she’d never steal another girl’s man, it’s hard to blame her for drooling over Daniel! He’s absolutely her type.”

Kylie was all smiles while hugging the Honey Badger.

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The pair sent tongues wagging late last month when they were seen running amok at the Monaco Grand Prix, where Daniel was working as a commentator and she, perhaps tellingly, was celebrating her 55th birthday.

Daniel, 33, interviewed the popstar in a tongue-in-cheek piece for Red Bull – and his cheeky quips certainly had her Spinning Around!

“I have been really excited to meet you today. Legitimately, just Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” Daniel says in the video, referencing Kylie’s worldwide number one hit.

“I Was Gonna Cancel, but On A Night Like This, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” he cheekily adds.

Daniel and Kylie first met on The Project back in 2015.

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Kylie appeared to blush as the pair laughed their way through the interview, before embracing for a series of selfies.

While Red Bull driver Daniel is reportedly still dating Austrian actress Heidi Berger, sources who witnessed the Aussie legends at the grand prix say they had “huge chemistry”.

“They certainly were enjoying themselves,” says an insider. However, sources are quick to add that they’re “nothing but good friends who love to play it up for the cameras”.

“Flirting is as far as they’ll take it.” Kylie and Daniel first met in 2015 when they appeared on The Project, surprising the panel that they hadn’t met earlier as they giggled their way through their segment.

“You’ve got the best of both worlds here,” Kylie said. Insiders say the pair hit it off so well that they’ve stayed in close contact ever since.

Daniel and Heidi are reported to have been together since 2019.

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