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Chemistry like none other! Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan reunite for a special occasion

Neighbours fans are still in love with these two.
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On Ramsey Street 37 years ago, Neighbours fans watched on-screen lovers Charlene and Scott Robinson story progress, even turning into a real-life romance between Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.

After saying goodbye to the soap opera in 1989, the Australian icons have reunited for a special occasion.

Kylie and Jason were on-screen and off-screen lovers!

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Kylie and Jason appeared on-screen for the hit BBC sitcom series, Ghosts for 2023’s Comic Relief. Hardcore fans were sent into an ultimate frenzy as they watched the pair hit it off once again despite the comedy sketch only lasting a few seconds.

“Best sketch ever,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “Absolutely brilliant.”

The storyline follows the singer into Button House to scout for a location suitable for a concert. After an accident while on the set of the Spinning Around music video, Kylie hit her head and could forever see ghosts.

Fans miss Charlene and Scott.

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The ghosts were skeptical the singer was truly the one and only Kylie Minogue, to prove her identity she then calls up old fling Jason on facetime.

“Can you please just say it?” Kylie said.

Jason responded: “You’re Kylie Minogue.”

It’s no secret Neighbours peaked in the 80s, when Charlene and Scott were key characters. The episode where the two loved-up characters married attracted two million viewers in Australia and 20 million in the United Kingdom.

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Their storyline was reignited in 2022 for the finale episode of Neighbours, and as expected it was as if Kylie and Jason were never separated.

Kylie even brought back her iconic blonde curls! One eagled-eye fan spotted a heartwarming detail about Charlene’s outfit.

“Love that in Charlene’s first scene for Neighbours she was wearing head to toe denim and her last is the same, albeit a slightly more sophisticated look,” noted one fan on Twitter.

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