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It’s official! After 30 years in the UK our girl Kylie Minogue is coming home

''I'm always going to be back.''
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In 1990 Kylie Minogue left her hometown of Melbourne to live in London, where she achieved incredible feats in her career.

Now, just over 30 years later, the Princess of Pop has decided to come home.

Our homegrown icon confirmed to BBC Radio 2 that the rumours circulating are true, and she has plans to relocate permanently.

“It is true. I will be basing myself in Australia.”


“It is true. I will be basing myself in Australia,” she said.

The 53-year-old also spoke about the massive reaction she received from both sides of the pond.

She told the radio host, “I can’t believe the reaction it’s had. I’ve had friends call me.”

Kylie left for the UK 30 years ago.

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Kylie continued to explain her reasons for moving, and it had everything to do with family.

“I spent a lot of time with my family this year in Australia, and it felt really good… I’ve been talking about that for a while,” she shared.

However, British fans don’t need to fret about losing the Spinning Around singer because she “won’t be a stranger.”

“Of course, I’ve lived here for 30 years. I’m always going to be back.”

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A source initially speculated the exciting news through the UK tabloid The Mirror.

“This year, when she was in Australia for an extended period due to travel restrictions, it gave her time to think about where she wants to be based,” said the source.

“She wants to see more of her family in the times when she isn’t travelling, and so she will use Australia as her base.”

Reports also revealed that Kylie is quite far along in the process of relocating.

She has supposedly already changed the service address for four of her businesses to Hawthorn, Melbourne, ahead of a potential move.

Family was a big reason behind her decision to return.

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The Mirror reports that her residential address on business documents has also changed recently.

It’s unsurprising that Kylie would move home after three decades because all her family members live here, including her parents Carol and Ron, siblings Brendan and Dannii , and her nephew Ethan, Dannii’s son.

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