Kylie Minogue's looks from the 80s are everything you would expect from the stylish queen of pop

Frills, pinks, bold accessories and one very interesting hat.

By Faye Couros
Australia's pint-sized queen of pop has been serving incredible looks since she first appeared on our screens in the early 1980s, and oh, what an era it was for the star.
Kylie Minogue leaned into the bright, bold and brave looks of the era with a certain generation-defining flare that only an icon can create.
Of course, over the years, Kylie has curated a sartorial history full of intriguing stories like her eternal gold hotpants that she wore in her Spinning Around video in 2000, which she famously bought at a flea market for 50p.
Kylie donated the pants to Arts Centre Melbourne, but according to BBC they are worth an impressive $10 million.
With that type of power and influence, it's clear that Kylie has had as much of an impact on fashion as she has had on music.
Of course, some 80s fashion was perhaps a little OTT, but we think Kylie struck the perfect balance between flashy and elegant - plus, her naturally curly strawberry blonde hair was a perfect fit for the perm-loving era.
In more recent times, Kylie spoke to Marie Claire about her ideal fashion uniform, and while she is happy to go all-out for stage looks, on a date she more into something easy and relaxed, but in her actual day-to-day life, she claims to be relatively low-key.
"It depends what it's for. It's incredible how a piece can shine on stage when beforehand you'd look in the mirror and think 'OMG, it's too much!' she told the publication.
"If I'm going on a date, I will try and wear a mid-length slip dress and sharpen it with a jacket, something easy. I also love satin lace-up ankle boots with the toes out. But throughout the day, I'm so lazy! I'll still wear jeans, trainers and a singlet or denim shirt with either a hat or a topknot," Kylie told Marie Claire.
Today, Kylie may be taking a more classic approach to style, but we are so glad we were blessed with her experimental 80s looks from way back then.
Here are some of Kylie's best 80s style moments.