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A timeline of Kyle Sandilands and wife Tegan Kynaston’s love story

The couple are already beginning to experience their first maritial tiffs!
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Kyle Sandilands may be a shock jock on the radio waves, but his personal life sees a much softer side to the host – particularly when it comes to his romantic life.

The KIIS FM host is currently loved up with his new wife, Tegan Kynaston. The couple have just recently celebrated their nuptials in a $1 million ceremony, and they have also welcomed their first baby together!

The relationship was seemingly confirmed on New Years Eve.

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Although the newlyweds appear in total marital bliss, Kyle has revealed that not everything has been totally smooth sailing between himself and Tegan.

Speaking on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Sandilands recounted a recent physical altercation between the couple, stating that a fight broke out as his wife attempted to wrestle a bar of chocolate out of his hands.

“[Tegan] runs towards me and physically wrestles me. I sat there like an anchor and she twisted my arm until I let it go,” he said.

According to Sandilands, his new wife has an aversion to his family-sized snacks, claiming that she would much prefer if he would indulge in Salada crackers instead.

“I only eat what I eat, I don’t give a s***. It’s too late for me to change – I am me,” said Sandilands.

With the lovebirds already experiencing their first growing pains, let’s take a look back at the couple’s relationship timeline.

How did Kyle and Tegan meet?

Following the end of his eight-year relationship with Imogen Anthony, rumours swirled that Kyle had begun a relationship with his then-personal assistant, Tegan.

While the pair initially denied the romance, they seemingly went Instagram official on December 6, 2019, when they were photographed having a drink together on Tegan’s Instagram.

On New Year’s Eve in 2019, the pair looked to be a full-fledged couple when they uploaded a romantic snap of Tegan kissing Kyle on the cheek during Sydney’s New Year’s fireworks.

WATCH: Kyle Sandilands proposes to Tegan Kynaston. Article continues after video

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Kyle proposes to Tegan

Kyle popped the question to Tegan during a holiday at his house in Port Douglas in January 2022 – and, of course, it was an extravagant affair.

The shock jock spared no expense for the special occasion, which was complete with flowers, a red carpet, and a whopper of a diamond ring.

Speaking about the proposal live on air during the Kyle & Jackie O Show, Kyle admitted that a few things went wrong, including that Conrad Sewell was supposed to perform their favourite song, but the singer had to pull out at the last minute because he’d contracted COVID.

Kyle and Tegan celebrate their engagement.

(Image: Instagram)

Despite the last-minute changes, Tegan was overcome with emotion at the surprise. As was Kyle, who admitted he got teary during the proposal.

As for their wedding plans, Kyle confessed there is no official date yet, but the ceremony will likely be in Sydney.

According to the Daily Mail, Kyle and Tegan will kick off the celebrations with an engagement party at the radio veteran’s multi-million dollar home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The guest list will reportedly feature many of the pair’s inner circle, including Kyle’s long-time co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson, Today host Karl Stefanovic and wife Jasmine Yarbrough, fellow radio host Ben Fordham and wife Jodie Speers, John Ibrahim, Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell, Alan Jones and former footy star Beau Ryan.

The lavish event is set to be the first of many celebrations leading up to the duo’s wedding.

“This is not something they plan on being cagey about or secretive about at all… they’re both super happy and want to share as much of it with friends and fans as they can,” an insider told the publication.

Kyle spared no expenses for the proposal.

(Image: Instagram)

How much did Tegan’s ring cost?

While neither Kyle nor Tegan have confirmed the price of the impressive diamond ring, the Daily Mail spoke to Tobias Kormind, the managing director of Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller, 77 Diamonds, to get an idea of the cost of the massive sparkler.

“Tegan’s ring is an emerald-cut diamond set on a split shank platinum band,” Tobias told the publication.

“[It would be] worth over $1.14million for a decent quality diamond, at least F colour, VS1 clarity,” he added.

Since Kyle recently valued his business empire at about $100 million, we have no doubt he would spare no expense for his future wife.

Tegan shows off her beautiful engagement ring.

(Image: Instagram)

The wedding of the century

It was certainly one of the most lavish weddings of the ceremony, as the pair racked up millions in bills!

On April 29, 2023, the pair exchanged vows at The Swifts mansion – a $60 million heritage-listed property – in Sydney.

While speaking on his radio show, Kyle revealed the pair had spent $250,000 just on food and flowers, which Jackie revealed the couples cost of flowers alone was double of what she spent on her entire wedding! Meanwhile the dress cost less than $50,000 and suits cost more than $15,000.

Now we cannot wait for Mr and Mrs Sandilands honeymoon and we have no doubt no costs will be sparred either.

The pair wed in April.

(Image: Instagram)

Meet little Otto

On Valentine’s Day 2022, love was certainly in the air when Kyle announced that he and Tegan were expecting their first child.

“We’re having a baby!” Kyle, who was joined by Tegan, announced on the Kyle & Jackie O Show.

The radio host went on to say that he hoped the bub was “either a girl … or a little gay son,” and praised Tegan’s “beautiful big meaty t***ies” since she’s become pregnant.

WATCH: Kyle Sandilands asks Jackie O to be his child’s godmother. Article continues after video

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Co-host Jackie O said she was “so happy” for the couple, noting that the news explained Kyle’s emotional outbursts of late.

Kyle has previously hinted at wanting to start a family with his fiancée, despite once voicing that he had no plans to become a father.

“It is definitely not off the cards,” Kyle told Sydney Confidential about the possibility of becoming a father.

“It has never really been on my priority list and I think that is just because I was that kid that dragged around my childhood issues from my parents’ divorce and this and that.

“When you think about it, because my mates have all got kids … young ones, and now I feel a bit left out,” the KIIS host said.

Celebrating their babies gender.

(Image: Instagram)

On the topic of kids, Kyle once believed he was “too selfish” to be a father, but admitted that “it had never been the right time”.

“I’m open to having children, I’ve never really been really against it but it’s just never really been in my world,” he said.

“I don’t know about that, you’ve always been against it,” co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson replied.

“I’ve been too selfish to have one, like, I thought maybe I’d have a kid one day but it’s never been the right time,” he said, adding that Tegan “definitely wants kids”.

The 50-year-old also surprised fans back in August when he announced that he and Tegan had been trying for a baby during a segment with psychic Georgina Walker on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

Following his birth in August 2022, little Otto has become the star of Kyle and Teegan’s eye.

WATCH: Kyle Sandilands finally admits why his marriage really ended. Article continues after video

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Kyle’s past relationships

Kyle and Tegan have been dating since late 2019, and prior to his latest relationship, he was with model Imogen Anthony for eight years and was married to singer Tamara Jaber from 2008 to 2010.

Following news of her ex-partner’s engagement, Imogen spoke on the Good Btch* podcast on Tuesday about her split with Kyle – whom she remains close with – and why the pair chose to initially keep their romance under wraps.

“We kept it on the down-low for two years because he didn’t want that backlash coming onto me, and I didn’t want to be known as something that I knew everyone would put the label on me for,” she told hosts Jules Rangiheuea and Jodie Clarke.

Kyle and Imogen were together for eight years.

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As for the reason behind their split, Imogen explained, “He was going through a lot of s**t. He had people he’d worked with for years he was falling out with, he lost his dad a couple of years earlier and was still dealing with that.

“A lot of it wasn’t even us, it was him dealing with his own stuff and he knows that.”

She also shared that she and Kyle are “amicable” following the split and that there will “always be love” between them.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, New Idea.

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