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Money’s no object for the wedding of the year! Inside Kyle Sandilands and Tegan Kynaston’s lavish plans

Its expected to cost millions.
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If there’s one thing Australia’s favourite shock jock Kyle Sandilands is known for, it’s his lack of subtlety. And that includes his wedding!

Planning is complete for the 51-year-old Australian Idol judge’s nuptials with Tegan Kynaston, 37, on April 29. He previously let slip some details on his hit radio show that made normally unflappable co-host Jackie O’s jaw drop.

All up, it doesn’t sound like Kyle, who is worth an estimated $100 million, will get any change from a cool million for putting on such a lavish event.

For starters, Kyle – new dad to Otto, his and Tegan’s son born last August – announced that when going through the various charges in advance of the big day, his florist bill made him do a double take. “I did notice the flowers are quite expensive. $150,000 for flowers.”

Kyle and Tegan are sparing no expense!

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This prompted Jackie to reveal that this amount is double what she spent on her entire wedding!

Next up is the catering budget. His celebrity guests better arrive hungry as Kyle is splashing out $100,000 in total for his nuptials’ nosh, including a staggering $35,000 on caviar alone. Personalised cloth napkins, with the Sandilands family crest, will cost another $15,000!

“So we’re already up to $250,000 and we’ve only got flowers and food,” he said.

The wedding cake alone has cost more than $9400. Meanwhile Teegan’s wedding dress costs less than $50,000 and the pair saved money on the wedding rings which were gifted for free by House of K’Dor. However, suits cost more than $15,000.

Kyle admits he may have been a bit lackadaisical when going through the organising process. “I just approved everything so I could get back to [watching] television.”

Luckily for his accountant, when it comes to entertaining the guests, Kyle’s getting good mates rates from some well-known friends, with Guy Sebastian putting his hand up to rock out for the crowd at no charge.

However the entertainment has still cost more than $100,000, an organ player was $3000, and the videographer and photographer has cost less than $80,000.

Otto turns one in August.

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However, there are still plenty of costs involved, despite Guy’s generosity. “You’ve gotta fly the drummer from Melbourne, and the guitarist needs an overnight stay,” Kyle spilled.

“They’re coming from all over the country.”

And don’t for a second think Kyle is fine with just one musical act – there’ll be both a marquee for live music plus another disco room. “It’s all in the one mansion,” he reveals. “[So] I’ve got two set-ups.”

The revellers filling up his multiple dancefloors are expected to include some of Kyle’s other famous (and infamous) pals. Of course, Jackie, 48, will be there, with her 12-year-old daughter Kitty.

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Also reportedly putting on his shiniest suit is Hollywood A-lister Zac Efron, who has been good mates with the groom-to-be for several years now, and recently called in to the radio show to congratulate Kyle on the birth of his son.

Pop star Samantha Jade, who serenaded Kyle at his 50th birthday bash on a mega yacht two years ago, is another celebrity due to be partying with the happy couple, as is Sydney nightlife figure John Ibrahim.

There is one thing Kyle and Tegan have said no to – their first dance. “Neither of us are dancers,” he told Jackie.

But even without a celebratory twirl, this extravaganza of a wedding is certainly set to be as head-turning as some of Kyle’s trademark on-air gaffes, something his co-host didn’t fail to note.

“Why do you have to make everything a circus?” she chided. “You always have to make it like a segment on the radio.”

Bring on the big day!

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