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Karl Stefanovic looks identical to his son Jackson in this amazing new throwback photo from his school formal

We had to do a double take!
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As the proud father to four children, Karl Stefanovic simply adores his kids.

And it’s his connection to oldest son Jackson, 20, that’s all the more special, with a new photo proving the lookalike pair share many of the same features.

On Thursday morning, fans were left stunned after the Today Show shared a slew of throwback high school photos of their presenters.

“Recognise anyone? With COVID-19 forcing students across the country to miss out on their high school formal, we want to take a look back on better days! Swipe to see some familiar faces at their school formals!! 😂,” the post explained, before sharing a jaw-dropping photo of Karl at his school formal during his days at Brisbane’s Anglican Church Grammar School.

In the snap, the baby-faced teen looks identical to Jackson, with the pair boasting the same beaming smile, dark blonde mop and engaging eyes.

Dad’s double: Karl (L) as a baby-faced teen at his high school formal and his oldest son Jackson (R) with mother Cass Thorburn last year share many of the same striking features.

(Images: Today Show, Woman’s Day/Phillip Castleton)

Stunned fans took to the comment section to delight in the incredible retro pic.

“Oh my gosh he was so young 😆,” one user said.

“OMG! Young Karl,” another proclaimed.

“Has Karl grown into his suit yet?” A third teased.

Fans delighted in seeing Karl as a teenager.

(Image: Today Show)

Since Karl’s divorce from Cassandra Thorburn, Jackson has had a complicated relationship with his famous dad, only reuniting with him when he married Jasmine Yarbrough in Mexico in December 2018.

Jackson, who has deferred studying music after starting a degree course last year, championed his mum following the public divorce, telling Woman’s Day in a previous interview that “someone had to step up and protect her.”

However behind-the-scenes, the pair have been working on their relationship.

Even Cassandra, who has told friends of Jackson’s struggle with his parents’ divorce and the acrimony that followed, says she’s hopeful the father and son can mend their relationship.

“I think it’s great that Jackson is spending time with his dad,” she told Woman’s Day in September last year.

Karl shares Jackson, 20, daughter Ava, 14, and son River, 12, with ex-wife Cass and in May this year, welcomed daughter Harper with second wife Jasmine.

“My mother is the most extraordinary person!” Jackson has said of Cass.

(Image: Woman’s Day/Phillip Castleton)

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