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EXCLUSIVE PICS: Is the Stefanovic family feud finally over?

Axed Today host Karl reaches out to end his ‘heartbreaking’ rift with his eldest son.
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Karl Stefanovic splashed out $10,000 to fly his son Jackson to London for Father’s Day to try to put the pain and hurt of their toxic three-year feud behind them.

The former Today host’s second wife Jasmine, 35, and a smiling Jackson were spotted checking into a London-bound flight at Sydney airport last week as they prepared to fly out for the family reunion that everyone had been hoping for.

Family reunion

Even Jackson’s mum, Karl’s ex-wife and Studio 10 panellist Cassandra Thorburn, 48, who has told friends of Jackson’s struggle with his parents’ divorce and the acrimony that followed, says she’s hoping the pair can repair their relationship.

Jackson and Jasmine arrive at Sydney airport.

(Image: Exclusive/Matrix)

“I think it’s great that Jackson is spending time with his dad,” she tells Woman’s Day.

Karl, 45, flew Jackson to the UK, where he has spent the past few weeks working on a 60 Minutes story, so he could spend Father’s Day with his musician son – and as a treat for his eldest’s 20th birthday last week.

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Tough time

“He understands that the split with Cass left his kids hurt and confused, but Karl would like to put it all behind him and start afresh with his kids and Jasmine,” reveals one family friend. “It’s been heartbreaking for everyone.”

When Karl walked out on Cass in August 2016, Jackson stopped talking to or seeing his famous dad, only reuniting with him when he married Jasmine in a splashy wedding in Mexico in December last year.

However, that public reunion didn’t exactly go to plan with Jackson flying to Mexico but not attending the wedding ceremony, later describing it as “sh*t”, even though he did say his new stepmother was “nice”.

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Jackson was excited to board his flight to London…

(Image: Exclusive/Matrix)

…and had a few laughs at the check-in desk.

(Image: Exclusive/Matrix)

Jackson, who has deferred studying music after starting a degree course earlier this year, championed his mum following the public divorce, telling Woman’s Day in a previous interview that “someone had to step up and protect her”.

Karl and Jasmine’s wedding in Mexico was the last time Jackson was spotted in public with his dad and one of the few times he is understood to have seen his father in the past three years.

“Karl would love to rebuild his relationship and that’s what this trip is all about,” confirms his mate, who says Karl’s two youngest children, Ava, 14, and River, 13, still enjoy a close relationship with their dad.

“He knows he stuffed up and he has to fix it. What father wouldn’t want a loving relationship with his kids? I know Jaz has also been feeling the pressure, and would dearly love things to be normal.”

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Karl has had a rocky relationship with his son.

(Image:@karlstefanovic_/ Instagram)

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