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The moment Cassandra Thorburn found Karl Stefanovic's phone

Karl Stefanovic and his estranged wife Cass haven’t spoken since the shock split.

With their divorce becoming increasingly bitter, it can now be revealed the popular Today co-host has been leading a secret life his wife Cass knew nothing about – until she found his phone and discovered a stack of messages from one young woman.
“He’s been FaceTiming and texting this woman for weeks – multiple times each week,” reveals one family friend.
“Cass only found out about it after he had walked out, but then there was a lot she didn’t know about Karl.”
The 27-year-old brunette from Melbourne at the centre of the latest Karl divorce shock cannot be named for legal reasons, but she is thought to have struck up a “close connection” with Karl after a brief appearance on Today.
“We’ve become good friends and yes we text and FaceTime each other,” the woman confirms to Woman’s Day, insisting their relationship is “platonic."
Despite the intimate nature of the video calls and the barrage of messages to Karl, she maintains it was not “weird.”
Cass is still in shock over their sudden split.
“That’s what I like to do with my friends,” she says, also confirming they were still texting each other last week when Karl was in New York to report on the US election.
Our source says Cass only discovered Karl’s relationship with the woman after his shock walkout in July.
“Cass is just devastated. I don’t think anyone understands what he’s put her through,” says our source. “She came home one day to find he packed up and walked out. There was no big fight or anything. It was a bolt out of the blue. I know she suspects there’s much more to it.”
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