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EXCLUSIVE: Julie Bishop wears her most important outfit yet as she supports a cause close to home

The ever-stylish politician has made her biggest fashion statement yet for a worthy cause.
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If there’s one powerful female force who can make the ultimate fashion statement, it would be Julie Bishop.

Indeed the stylish politician has proved time and time again that fashion and power go hand in hand as she steps out in countless stunning styles that have turned heads across Australia.

But her most recent outfit might well be her most striking one to date – and it’s not for the reason you’d expect.

Julie Bishop just wore her most important outfit to date. (Image: Getty)

While Bishop’s recent announcement that she’ll be resigning from politics at the next election came as a shock to many, it seems there are plenty of other causes the leader can get behind, and it all starts with a plain white shirt.

Launching the annual White Shirt Campaign for Witchery on April 10 as an official ambassador, Julie’s outfit made a statement like no other.

She was simply wearing a crisp white shirt, tailored black plants and a stunning set of crystal earrings. But this time, her outfit’s meaning did all the talking.

Bishop’s new ambassadorship is in a bid to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, with the proceeds from Witchery’s latest collection of white shirts being donated entirely to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

“This is a statement beyond fashion,” Julie told Now To Love exclusively.

“I applaud Witchery for donating the gross proceeds of the sale of these whites shirts to cancer research. And I’m pleased that they are showing the way for fashion industry entities to get involved in causes like cancer research.”

She continued: “It’s a good precedent.”

Bishop herself has a close connection with the troubling illness. (Image: Getty)

And for Julie, the campaign is one that hits very close to home – her two elder sisters were both diagnosed with ovarian cysts at a time when it was unclear if they were malignant or not, she explained.

“So when I was asked if being an ambassador for the OCRF I readily agreed because not much is known about ovarian cancer, and we need more funds to be able to develop an early detection test to save lives,” she said.

At a panel during the launch event held in Sydney, Julie elaborated saying campaigns like Witchery’s are vital in attracting the attention of governments in order to make cancer research a “priority”.

Alongside Julie Bishop as an ambassador for the campaign is Bachelor alum Anna Heinrich, who said research for the troubling form of cancer was paramount.

“I can’t even stress how important it is to get the early detection test,” she said.

“Around 80-100 per cent who have the early detection test will live beyond five years, but 20-30 per cent of those diagnosed in the later stages wont.”

Anna, who shares a very close relationship with her sisters and her mother, said this only fuelled her passion for the White Shirt Campaign.

“One of those women in the future could be affected by it, and I want to know I’ve done everything I can to help raise that awareness and the funds to research it properly,” she said.

Heinrich and Bishop were joined by fitness and lifestyle influencers Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw as ambassadors for the campaign – which will come to its peak on May 8 for National White Shirt Day.

More information about the campaign and donating to cancer research can be found here.

White Shirt Campaign ambassadors (from left) Steph Claire Smith, Julie Bishop, Laura Henshaw and Anna Heinrich.

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