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EXCLUSIVE: Johnny Ruffo reveals the secret to happiness with long-term girlfriend Tahnee Sims

“You know that gut-wrenching laugh with tears coming from your eyes?”
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Johnny Ruffo, 31, has often credited his long-term girlfriend Tahnee Sims, 26, for saving his life when he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017, after she took him to hospital.

Though the couple has been through more than most at such a young age, their relationship continues to flourish.

And in a new interview with Now To Love, former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo reveals the secret to maintaining such a strong relationship with Tahnee.

“I think trying to keep most things private,” he says of the key to their relationship success, admitting, “I don’t think we’re overly public.”

Johnny and Tahnee are happier than ever!

(Image: @johnny_ruffo/ Instagram)

Johnny, who has been dating Tahnee since 2015, says “laughter” has been key throughout their romance.

“We just have fun. We make each other laugh so much. You know that gut-wrenching laugh with tears coming from your eyes?” he gushes.

“We argue and fight just like every other couple, but we make up too. We kiss and makeup you know?”

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Tahnee has been a pillar of support for Johnny throughout his cancer ordeal.

(Image: @johnny_ruffo/ Instagram)

Tahnee has stayed by Johnny’s side throughout his difficult two-year cancer battle.

This support is not lost on Johnny, who adds: “We’ve been through so much together now. The longer we stay together, the stronger the bond.”

Taking to Instagram in August this year, the actor announced he’d “beaten” the life-threatening disease and shared his relief.

But he tells Now To Love that although he’s currently in the clear and “feeling much better – both physically and mentally”, he still gets “anxious” going to regular check-ups.

“I always expect the worst. I don’t know why. I just expect the worst and when they go, ‘Oh, you’re still fine mate’, I go ‘[pauses]… thank you.'”

Explaining, he adds: “It’s hard not to because I don’t want to get my hopes up and then they go, ‘Oh we’ve seen this, you might have to do some more chemo.’ It’s probably not a bad thing. It just makes me quite anxious leading up to it. It’s not fun.”

In August this year, Johnny shared two side-by-side brain scans, revealing he is cancer-free.

(Image: @johnny_ruffo/ Instagram)

Johnny was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017 and had surgery to remove a tumour.

(Image: @johnny_ruffo/ Instagram)

Having spent so much time in hospital, Johnny is now lending a hand as an Amazon Playmakers ambassador, raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The singer is working with 10 official toy testers – children in hospitals around Australia – with money from every toy purchased through Amazon’s toy catalogue being donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

As an Amazon Playmakers ambassador, Johnny is helping to raise money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

(Image: Supplied)

“The Starlight Children’s Foundation is amazing. I’ve been to hospital a number of times, in particular when I was younger, and I’d always visit the Starlight Express Room and they just put a smile on your face and you just forget about everything that’s going on,” he says.

“The last time I visited, luckily enough, I was bringing a load of toys. So the kids all love you because you’re the one holding the toys.

“I was so blessed, I got to meet the kids, I got to sit down with them and just learn a little bit about them. It was a privilege to be there honestly.”

$5 of every eligible purchase/toy bought that features in the Amazon Playmakers catalogue across the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales will be donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation. Click here for more.

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