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EXCLUSIVE: “I had to change for my daughter”: Jodi Gordon reveals why Aleeia and her health are her top priorities

''Yeah, I don’t drink. People have different reasons for it, but for me, it’s certainly been beneficial.''
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Jodi Gordon is the first to admit that the last few months have been a rollercoaster ride by anyone’s standards, as she bravely opens up about her headline-grabbing year.

Just days before checking herself into a Sydney rehab facility to treat alcoholism and depression, the Australian actress caused a media frenzy when she was handed a joint apprehended violence order with ex-boyfriend Sebastian Blackler, following a “physical altercation” in April.

“It’s been quite the year,” the 37-year-old admits to Woman’s Day.

But since waving goodbye to that relationship, Jodi says her priorities have changed, and she is shifting her focus towards her health and being a mother to her adorable eight-year-old daughter Aleeia.

“My life is very much centred around my daughter and my family.”

(Image: Jamie Fawcett)

“It’s [dating] just not on the cards at the moment,” Jodi says. “My life is very much centred around my daughter and my family and more importantly, my health, my wellbeing and my career – that’s the focus.”

Becoming the face of Life Botanics, a locally made vitamin brand which specialises in herbal remedies and supplements, has helped reinvigorate Jodi’s interest in health.

“They’re this family business and I really love what they’ve been doing as a brand,” she says of her ambassadorship.

“I take my health really seriously now. I’ve made some major life changes and I’m making sure I take the right steps and actions to take care of my body, mentally, physically and spiritually.

“It’s at the forefront and focus of my life now,” she adds.

As well as taking her supplements, Jodi credits living booze-free for helping her change her outlook on life.

Jodi has decided to quit drinking.

(Image: Instagram)

“Yeah, I don’t drink. People have different reasons for it, but for me, it’s certainly been beneficial. I feel great.”

“And I remember all of the conversations I have,” she laughs.

The former Neighbours star, who walked away from her role in the show in January 2020, admits that being able to spend that extra time with Aleeia, who she shares with ex-husband Braith Anasta, has been imperative to her recovery.

“It’s been nice spending that time with her in the holidays,” she says.

“We go to the movies, we cook, the other day we went to the hairdressers together, we do arts and crafts, or we make fashion together.

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“Sometimes we even go and meditate in the forest together or go on walks. We do a whole range of things, but I always make sure it’s creative, fun and educational.”

Jodi adds that Aleeia brings the “theatrical side” out in her, and as she grows up, can see a budding actress emerge.

“I can see that she’s got that in her. It’s interesting that she’s got the sport gene, the theatrical gene, and this very creative gene, so it’ll be interesting to see how her personality develops and what avenue she chooses to go down. I’m just encouraging her to keep explore who she is.”

And when that time comes, Jodi says she’ll be right beside her to help her navigate her way through the often-murky waters of the entertainment industry, and that includes being able to talk openly about her own pitfalls through fame.

“Sometimes we even go and meditate in the forest together or go on walks.”

(Image: Instagram)

“We’ve had a couple of conversations, and I think she understands where I’m at. She’s really proud of who I am,” says the star, who is set to reprise her role as Elly in the final episodes of Neighbours this week.

“She knows she has a mother that loves her very much and is very present in her life. I’ll be standing next to her the whole way. We’re a solid family unit.”

If you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, help is always available. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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