Celebrity Apprentice star Jodi Gordon and her mini-me daughter Aleeia are always onto the next adventure

''The world is your oyster baby!!''

By Faye Couros
Former Neighbour's star Jodi Gordon and her mini-me daughter, Aleeia, are always hopping from one adventure to the next.
The actor has previously revealed to Now To Love that their spirited Instagram feed is no façade. They are actually THAT similar.
"She's very strong-willed, she's very entertaining and funny and loves performing," she said.
"She loves dancing and she's just so energetic and full of life with the biggest heart, she's just heaven. She's so beautiful and such a loving little girl."
Jodi welcomed Aleeia in March 2014 with her former husband and NRL player Braith Anasta.
The couple announced their news in an exclusive with Woman's Day, and they revealed their baby girl arrived 11 days early.
"It really did feel like I was in a film," the then 29-year-old told the publication. "It was so exciting. It was everything I thought it would be."
"I had contractions in the middle of the night, and we had a mad race to the hospital… and then this adorable little girl arrived, kicking and screaming."
While Aleeia perfectly took after her mum's imaginative and confident personality, the Celebrity Apprentice contestant told Now To Love that she won't push her into following her career in front of the camera.
"Some days she wants to be a dancer, some days she wants to be a fashion designer and then the other day, she said she wants to be a scientist. I'm happy for her to explore whatever," she shared.
"She's kind of at that point where she's trying everything out, she's doing a lot of acro and dance so we're just helping her navigate her way through what she likes and what fits well with her and letting her decide those things."
Even though she split from Braith, the exes work hard to co-parent as best they can for their little one.
She stressed that their priority is working together as a team, "Like most co-parenting situations, we make it work. We work together to make it work.
"She's constantly around [people], whether it's my family or my ex-partner's family, all of our parents as well… She's got so many grandparents, so many friends."
This year Aleeia turned eight, and her mum celebrated on Instagram by sharing videos featuring her daughter's energetic personality.
She captioned her tribute, "The JOY, the LAUGHTER, the LOVE, the endless COMPASSION, KINDNESS, COURAGE, and FRIENDSHIP my girl constantly shows the world everyday is so blissful!! I'm incredibly proud of the little woman she is today at 8 years old. The world is your oyster baby!! Happy 8th birthday I love you more than words. 💗💗💗."
In celebration of their adorable bond we have put together a gallery of their sweetest mother-duo-adventures.