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“Pete is a little concerned”: Jessica Rowe’s relatable confession delights fans as she makes a big change

''Don't make the mistake I did.''
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Forever the candid self-proclaimed ‘crap housewife’, Jessica Rowe has delighted her fans by documenting part of her pantry reorganisation.

Filming the entire process, the ex-Studio 10 presenter told her followers what prompted her to undertake the mammoth chore.

Jess has documented part of her pantry reorganisation journey.

(Image: Instagram)

“When you realise it might be time to sort out your pantry. As a proud crap housewife mess, doesn’t bother me at all,” she said while giving her followers a glimpse inside the cupboard.

“However, things came to a head when I felt like a Crunchie and all I found was an empty packet in the pantry, even Daphne and Freddy couldn’t find their food,” Jess joked, referring to the Scooby Doo characters.

“Someone else put, yes, another empty packet back,” the podcaster continued, before coming to the only logical answer to the chaos – a trip to Kmart.

“Even Daphne and Freddy couldn’t find their food,” Jess joked about her messy pantry.

(Image: Instagram)

Such a task it ended up being that Jess was forced to make a second video to document the entire job.

“Don’t make the mistake I did,” she began part two. “And answer a FaceTime call from your husband in the middle of Kmart when you’re trying to sort out pantry storage solutions.

“Pete is a little concerned about what I’m buying. So am I. Of course, I get distracted by the sparkly star piñata. That’s far more interesting and shiny than jars,” she said.

“Oh, there’s some more party things. I do find a Lazy Susan. It does act as a tambourine. I keep hearing though that it could be a very good storage solution. I’m distracted yet again by the wagging kits.”

WATCH: Jess Rowe discusses her experience with post-natal depression. Article continues after video

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After many distractions, the 52-year-old realised she was “going to need some more equipment that goes in the trolley”, before having a violet crumble as she exited the store.

Jess’ candid glimpse at her pantry reorganisation garnered a lot of love from her dedicated fans.

“I love you 😂😂,” one user wrote.

“This is fabulous 👏👏👏 😍,” another added.

“Omg you are hilarious- distracted by the sparkle!” a third penned.

Jess recently recalled the hardest conversation she’s ever had with her husband, Peter Overton.

(Image: Instagram)

Jess’ kitchen clean out comes a few weeks after she spoke candidly about the hardest conversation she’s ever had with Peter.

Appearing on Turia Pitt’s podcast, Turia Pitt is Hard Work, Jess candidly reflected on her journey of post-natal depression which she described as her “rock bottom”.

“I thought, ‘I have to ask for help, I cannot keep going like this because I don’t know what might happen next’,” she told Turia.

What happened next, Jess described as the “hardest conversation of (her) life” with her husband Peter Overton – with whom she shares two girls, Allegra and Giselle.

“He said: ‘Pussycat (his nickname for Jess), I’m so proud of you. You’re doing so well and it’s all so good’.”

She continued: ” I thought, ‘now’s my chance’, so I took a deep breath and I said: ‘Petey, I’m not. I’m really frightened that I have post-natal depression’.

“And then Petey, being the beautiful man that he is, took me into his arms and he said to me: ‘It’s going to be ok’.”

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