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Inside Jess Rowe’s daughter’s super sweet, pink-themed 16th birthday

So sweet!
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The sweet 16 birthday party is an important milestone for any young girl, and time has truly flied as Jessica Rowe puts on a pink celebration for her eldest daughter.

Jess’ daughter Allegra proves you are never too old to don a tiara for your birthday. The self-proclaimed ‘crap’ housewife shared a glimpse of the celebrations in an Instagram gallery over the weekend.

Allegra turns 16!

(Image: Instagram)

“Celebrating our precious Allegra as the festival of turning 16 begins!! Just three more days until your birthday darling girl,” Jess wrote.

The party was on theme with stunning pink flowers, a pink outfit for the birthday girl and a blue three-tiered cake with pink and white icing.

The celebration even featured a DJ and pink fairy floss.

Never too old for a tiara.

(Image: Instagram)

It feels like only yesterday Jess was sharing a tribute to Allegra for her 15th birthday, on Instagram she wrote: “Happy birthday to my wish upon a star. Fifteen years ago today you sparkled into our world & life has never been the same. You are brave, fearless, funny & kind. And I’m so lucky to be your Mumma.”

We cannot wait to see what the mother-of-two has in store for her youngest daughter, Giselle’s 14th birthday in April.

Jess captured the two sisters sitting side-by-side during the party and it only cemented which daughter resembled which parent!

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Allegra could be her mother’s twin as they share the same blonde locks and blue eyes. While Giselle shares her mother’s high cheekbones, she has clearly taken her father’s dark hair while sporting stunning blue eyes.

If it isn’t clear already, we cannot get over how close this adorable family is, especially after their family vacation in Thailand and Singapore.

Jess shared photos of the family living a real tourist experience as they posed in front of the iconic infinity pool Marina Bay Sands and the stunning Phang Nga Bay.

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