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A complete timeline of Jamie Durie’s entire romantic history

The House Rules host been a busy boy!
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Jamie Durie is the true definition of a slashie – he’s a landscaper, horticulturalist, furniture designer, TV presenter, producer and author.

And because the 49-year-old is clearly a man who loves variety in his life, you’ll find that his love life is just as colourful.

The House Rules host has been engaged three times, but never married.

“I’ve always been career-focused and maybe some of my relationships have suffered because of that. I have had some amazing relationships with women, but life is a constant roller-coaster and I guess you get better at knowing how to make a bigger effort when it needs to be made,” he told Sunday Life in 2018.

“I have been married to my career, but I have also been able to share that with special people in my life, including my daughter. She texts me ideas for arrangements and we talk all the time. It’s a great relationship.”

Jamie shares a wonderful close relationship with his 22-year-old daughter Taylor, who lives in Los Angeles, where Jamie spends about 50 per cent of his time.

“My daughter Taylor and I have become great buddies. After four years at university, she’s following in my footsteps to become a floral designer,” Jamie told Sunday Life.

So who are the women Jamie Durie has been linked to over the years?

Keep scrolling for a complete timeline of his entire romantic history.

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Taylor (left) and Jamie in a cute father-daughter selfie, taken in September 2019.

(Credit: Instagram)

Michelle Glennock

Michelle was Jamie’s first adult romantic partner and is Taylor’s mother.

“I met my ex-girlfriend Michelle [a Las Vegas showgirl] when we were both 18 and I became a dad in my mid-20s,” Jamie told Sunday Life.

The pair still get along swimmingly and happily co-parent their daughter together.

“Michelle and I are the best of mates now. She and her husband stay at my house in LA and they have a young daughter. We’re one big happy family,” Jamie said.

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Jamie recently posted this adorable throwback photo on Instagram of his daughter.

(Credit: Instagram)

Jamie Durie and his daughter Taylor pictured in 2007.

(Credit: Getty)

Terasa Livingstone

The Australian actress dated Jamie in the late 90s, though the notoriously private star has kept mum on their relationship, so it’s unclear exactly when and for how long these two were together.

But we do know that they both stripped off for a nude spread in art magazine Black and White, in 1998, and were briefly engaged.

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Terasa Livingstone pictured in 2006.

(Credit: Getty)

Siobhan Way

Jamie dated, then became engaged to jewellery designer Siobhan Way in the early 2000s.

The pair were first spotted at a media event in 2003 and were together until 2005, when their engagement broke off.

During that time, Jamie wasn’t shy about taking Siobhan on his arm to several red carpet events, including the TV WEEK Logie Awards and book launches.

Jamie and Siobhan at the 2005 TV WEEK Logie Awards.

(Credit: Getty)

Nadine Bush

Nadine and Jamie pictured in 2007.

(Credit: Getty)

Nadine is one of Jamie’s longest relationships. The pair were on-and-off for years, rekindling their romance in 2005 when his engagement to Siobhan ended.

But they split in 2007, with rumours swirling at the time that Jamie had cheated on Nadine.

“We’ve been working through a lot of issues in the past few months and one of the biggest ones is that it’s very hard to have a relationship when you’re working in two countries,” he told The Daily Telegraph at the time.

“Nadine and I have enjoyed some great years together and she’s a very special girl who does and will always mean the world to me,” he said.

“There is no animosity in our break-up but obviously it’s not easy for either of us.”

Nadine has been by Jamie’s side for well over a decade.

(Credit: Getty)

These two clearly managed to patch up their differences and still work together after all these years.

Nadine is actually the creative director of Jamie’s publishing business. They co-wrote a book together in 2017, called Living Design,

“We collaborate daily on various projects all over the world – she’s the creative director of our company – and it was just kind of right that we would share the credit on this title.” Jamie told wyza.com.au at the time.

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Lisa Christie

Lisa Christie and Jamie Durie pictured together at an event in 2013.

(Credit: Supplied)

The third woman Jamie was engaged to is interior designer Lisa Christie, who was the runner-up on his show Top Design, which aired in 2011.

But two years after they met, Lisa claimed Jamie cheated on her, after she reportedly found text messages from another woman on his phone.

“He came home from America and he was just different all of a sudden,” Christie told Woman’s Day at the time.

“As naive as it may be, I felt it couldn’t possibly be (something wrong with us) or me, because of what we had.”

Lisa claims Jamie became close to her two children and the couple had plans to get married and have more children together.

But after a trip to America, Lisa said Jamie stopped coming home and was often in a bad mood, later moving into the spare room.

It was then that she checked his phone.

“I found messages that were disgusting. They damaged me,” Lisa said.

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New mystery woman

During an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIIS FM in April last year, Jamie revealed he is no longer single.

“Well, um, no, I do have a lovely partner, yeah,” The Real Dirty Dancing star told host Kyle Sandilands.

“Sorry, my apologies. See I’m reading stuff… I dunno,” Kyle replied. “I have read [you] has been engaged three times but never married. And I thought maybe you were single.”

“Three times!” said Kyle’s co-host Jackie O, who was taken aback by Jamie’s romantic history.

“You’ve gotta try, don’t you?” Jamie joked in response, but refused to identify his new woman.

As for Jamie’s romantic future, he says he very much wants to settle down and have more children.

“Of course I will. I’ve been married to my career for a while. I’m looking forward to having some more babies. At least two,” he told the Manly Daily in 2017.

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