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Inside Jessica Rowe and Peter Overton's gorgeous love story

''I'm mighty proud of her''.

By Rebecca Sullivan
We've become so used to hearing stories about famous TV star couples breaking up, that it can seem like an anomaly when two high profile silver screen presenters manage to create - and sustain - a love that's clearly one for the ages.
But that's exactly what Channel Nine newsreader Peter Overton, 53, and The Real Dirty Dancing star Jessica Rowe, 48, have managed to do.
The pair have been married for 15 years and have two daughters together, Allegra 12, and Giselle, 10, and happily live in Sydney's eastern suburbs with their cats.
The story of how they met is just too damn cute not to smile at - as is the beautiful way Peter speaks about his gorgeous wife.
Keep scrolling to learn more about his wonderful, genuine couple.
The adorable couple getting ready for a date night. Instagram

Peter had to be convinced to ask Jess out

Peter and Jessica actually first met when the former Studio 10 host was just 19 years old and was doing university work experience at Channel Nine.
Peter was a sports reporter at the time and was one of the few journalists who actually gave her the time of day.
Years later, when Jessica was an established journalist in her own right, the pair bumped into each other at the Logies, and Peter recognised her.
They got talking and with a bad boyfriend on his way out of her life, Jess thought, "Why can't I meet a nice man like this? Why am I not attracting really good decent people like this beautiful man?'," she told Mia Freedman's No Filter podcast.
She got chatting to her friend, rugby league reporter Tony Peters, about her sudden singledom and her desire to find a nice guy. She mentioned Peter's name and the next thing you know, he had rung up Peter and convinced him to ask Jessica out.
Why did Peter take some convincing?
The couple pictured in the early days of their romance. Supplied
Well, Peter was newly divorced - he married his childhood sweetheart before they split in 2000 - had just started a busy new job at 60 Minutes and was just finding his feet. He wasn't really looking to date anyone.
But Tony kept at him, and eventually Peter agreed he'd give it a shot.
"I said, 'Well if she rings me within 10 minutes and asks me out, I'll go,'" Peter told Nine Honey.
"And she rang. And I said, 'I like your style.'
"We went out on a Sunday night to a Thai restaurant in Balmain. That was in June 2001 and we've never been apart."
The pair were married in 2004 and have been together ever since.
The pair at Fashion Week in 2004. Getty

But they soon experienced IVF heartache

Jessica has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a condition that means she doesn't ovulate every cycle and only produces a few eggs a year, so the couple went down the path of IVF, going through several cycles.
Jess has previously said she felt "completely powerless" when the procedures didn't work.
Eventually, after four failed cycles, she fell pregnant with her daughter Allegra.
Two years later, miraculously, her second daughter Giselle was conceived naturally.
Jess and Peter with their gorgeous daughters. Getty
In her book Is This My Beautiful Life?, Jessica recounts the exact evening Giselle was conceived.
After battling with breastfeeding and postnatal depression, it took a long time for Jess to feel like herself again. But on one particular date night with Pete, something changed.
"I put on my black bodysuit with tight black Sass & Bide jeans and we tossed back glasses of pink Champagne, laughing and sharing tales of our changed lives," Jess wrote in her book.
"When I got home that night I peeled off my shimmery jeans and felt sexy for the first time...
"The pair of us laughed and kissed before we made love against the kitchen bench top. Gradually, a sense of equilibrium returned to me."
Now she says the pair "still enjoy date nights" as a way to keep the spark alive.
The family on holiday in Uluru. Instagram

The way Peter speaks about Jess will make your heart melt

"She's a very generous person of spirit, very caring of people," Peter he told Nine Honey.
"She's also very strong-willed and strongly opinionated. She sticks up for herself and doesn't mind calling things out if they need to be called out. I've always admired that. She's very much her own person, doesn't dance to the tune of what people think, and I think that's why she's been so successful.
"I love everything about her. I love her courage. She's a great example to our daughters about what you can do in life.
"We care for each other very, very much, take each other's counsel. We're opposite in a lot of ways but that actually works for us – I'm more conservative and Jessica's more, 'It'll happen, it'll be right.' But it works."
Don't worry, we'll just be over here sobbing into our wine.
WATCH BELOW: Jess Rowe's top Crap Housewife tips. Story continues after video.
Peter says the key to the couple's success is their ability to communicate and be honest with each other.
"If you don't, it'll fall apart, and suddenly you realise months and years have passed and you're missing each other. So we work very hard at not missing each other," he told Nine Honey.
"We're very, very good communicators. That's maybe because of the industry we work in, it's maybe because of the love and respect we have for each other. That's the glue that keeps it all going."
Even if that means communicating how he feels about Jess's "crap housewife" cooking!
"I do order food in for myself, I went through a phase of eating cream cheese and biscuits for dinner," Peter joked during Jessica's farewell episode of Studio 10 in March 2018.
"But she's a beautiful mother and a beautiful wife. When we're out as a family [people] come up to Jessica and thank her for being so open about telling her story and her advocacy of mental health. I'm mighty proud of her."
We love these two!

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