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Hugh Jackman opens up about family trauma: ”Therapy has helped me alot.’

''We all need a village.''
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In a rare interview, Hugh Jackman has spoken candidly about his mental health struggles following what he has described as a ”traumatic experience.”

The award-winning actor admitted to our sister publication WHO Magazine, that he was now seeking therapy to cope with the complex emotions and abandonment issues that arose when his own mother left him at the age of eight.

For those unfamiliar with Hugh’s tragic backstory, his mum – Grace McNeil – abandoned her son to start a new life in the United Kingdom, and never came back.

And whilst the mother and son pair have since rekindled their relationship, Hugh says it has taken ”a village” to help him recover from the trauma of his past.

Despite a rocky relationship history, Hugh and his mother are stronger than ever.

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Speaking on his ongoing therapy, Hugh confirmed to WHO that it had ”helped” him a lot.

”We all need a village” he starts.

”You need a friend you can unload everything (on) – having someone really smart, who’s a little bit removed from your world, can be really helpful.”

”(It’s about) understanding my past and how it’s informing my thinking unconsciously – getting to really understand some of the patterns that I was unconsciously just repeating.

”And, most importantly, (it’s) helping me to be more relational with the people I love in my life, and really understanding and living in their shoes and being clear to be able to see them.”

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Following the departure of his mother, Hugh was raised in Sydney by his father Christopher alongside siblings Ian and Ralph.

His sisters Zoe and Sonia accompanied their mother overseas following her divorce from Christopher.

”I thought she was probably going to come back. And then it sort of dragged on and on,” Hugh laments.

It took more than four years for him to ultimately realise that his mother was not planning on returning to him.

Taking to Instagram to share news of his fathers death, Hugh wrote: ”My Father taught me to always keep my promises…even if it turns out that there’s a better option or something that will benefit me more. Be true to your word.”

(IMAGE: Instagram)

But after years of separation, mother and son reconciled.

Speaking to The Sun in 2011, Hugh said: ”As I grew older, I gained an understanding of why mum did leave. We have made our peace, which is important.”

The star’s father, Christopher, died peacefully on September 5, 2021. He had battled Alzheimer’s for 12 years prior to his death.

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