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Hollywood is battling for Heath Ledger’s biopic over a decade since his passing

Who will win control?
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In the 14 years since Heath Ledger tragically died, his family have lived with the knowledge that the public would always want to know more about the mysterious circumstances of his passing at just 28 years old.

His ex-fiancee Michelle Williams has been fiercely protective of Heath’s private life, while his father Kim Ledger has long been more accepting of the fascination with his late son.

Perth-based Kim said he has “no doubt” someone will one day do a biopic about his son’s life and tragic overdose death “when the timing is right… [I’m] not sure when that will be”.

Heath and Michelle were previously engaged.

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Now Woman’s Day hears whispers that Hollywood directors feel that the time is now to turn the iconic actor’s life into a blockbuster film – but a battle of creative differences is brewing!

Speculating on who would play her in a movie, Michelle recently told People magazine she is fiercely in support of her best friend, Freaks And Geeks alum Busy Philipps, who was her biggest support when she was a grieving mum in 2008. “She knows me better than anyone,” Michelle, 42, confessed recently.

Now sources say if the project does get green-lit, Michelle is hellbent on making sure her role goes to Busy and focuses on her and Heath’s love story and Matilda’s happy childhood and doesn’t do a disservice to their early years as family.

Hollywood want the iconic actors life on screen!

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Meanwhile, Heath’s parents are said to be more open to the film securing huge Hollywood names and a famous director to ensure its success – even if it means exploring more prickly parts of Heath’s life.

Showbiz insiders concede that celebrity biopics are guaranteed box office gold, noting the success of Elvis and Rocketman, and Heath’s story is waiting to be told.

“The idea has long been floating around studio boardrooms, but none of Heath’s friends or family would ever step up to help.”

However, sources close to Michelle insist “movie execs better be careful what they wish for” when it comes to trying to pull together a film about the love of her life.

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“She is very protective and would want full control over Heath’s story and she won’t budge on things they probably won’t like – for example, casting Busy,” dishes the insider, who notes she will be dedicated to telling Heath’s story the right way – even if the Ledger family disagrees on what to include in the film.

“They’ll want a young, handsome actor like Austin Butler or Aussies like Ryan Corr, Xavier Samuel or Brenton Thwaites to play Heath,” reveals a source, who says Michelle knows she’ll have to walk a fine line between protecting Heath’s memory for Matilda and allowing the studios to put together a viable film.

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