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Hamish Blake almost missed the birth of his daughter Rudy

And as we've come to expect, it was for a hilarious reason.
Hamish Blake almost missed the birth of his daughter Rudy

Hamish Blake and his superstar wife Zoë Foster-Blake, or ZFB to her close personal friends (us), recently had an adorably-named baby girl, Rudy.

Their pics on Instagram are making us drown out the memories of how hard life is with a newborn with a constant awwwwwwww.

WATCH: The arrival of baby Rudy.

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Yesterday, Papa Ham went back to work with co-host Andy Lee and the truth about what happened in the delivery room came tumbling out.

You see, while Zoe was focussed on giving life to a tiny human, Hamish realised he was desperate to do a number two but he was worried he wouldn’t find a toilet in time.

“You can’t do it in the room because the door opens straight into the delivery suite, but you go down the hallway, there are no toilets because everyone has a toilet in their room,” he explained.

“So I was like do I run off into this hospital blind, hoping to find a toilet but be present and clear headed for the birth of my daughter, or do I hold it and always remember the moment where I’m like ‘she’s great but I’m distracted, when can I put her down?’

“I chanced it – I got back,” he said proudly.

Overall, he rated himself a B+ in the delivery room, losing his A-star rating when it came to the happy gas.

Hamish had wandered off to get snacks while Zoe was with the doctors, choosing to tuck into minestrone soup.

After slurping away, doctors offered the gas to Zoe and then left the room.

“Zo’s walking around and moving around so I’m like ‘well, I’ll have a go?’ because we’re all in here, checking it out there’s only so much you can do in the room,” he said.

When Zoe – read: the woman in labour – decided she needed the gas, she was disgusted.

“She popped it in her mouth then spat it out again and goes ‘what have you eaten?’” he explained.

Some of the soup had landed into the mouthpiece and Zoe didn’t want anything to do with it after that.

Bar Hamish’s intrusions, the birth of baby Rudy Hazel went well and we have all the time in the world for the family pics, so keep them coming guys.

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