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Please stop everything for the very first public snap of Sonny Blake with little sister Rudy

Our hearts have officially burst with mass sweetness.
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It’s what we’ve all been waiting for… Sonny Blake in big brother mode.

Mum, Zoe Foster Blake took to Instagram, sharing a story to her fans, showing her little boy holding the handle of baby Rudy’s car seat.

“We’re out! We’re citizens of the world again!” the 36-year-old penned ontop of the image.

Adding, “I have shoes on!”

As expected, the three-year-old and his little sister are peak cuteness, sporting the famous Blake cherub cheeks.

This is how we feel RIGHT NOW

It’s been one week since Zoe and Hamish took to social media to confirm their wonderful news.

Their announcement was just as hilarious as you’d expect.

“Introducing Rudy Hazel Blake,” Zoe wrote alongside a heart-meltingly cute snap. “Or, as she’s known in hip-hop circles, the Notorious RHB. Or, as she’s known to her brother, Blobby The Sister. She was born on 17-7-17 cos she’s super into auspicious numerology, came in at 4000/10 on the Teeny Cute Person scale, and has morphed her parents into gooey love monsters.”

Dad Hamish also delivered on the funny, writing, “Admitting another patron into the nightclub my wife and I run (I’m security, she’s the DJ). We have a fairly strict door policy as you have to be a child of the DJ and/or bouncer, so it’s always great to get someone new through the door.”

“The photo copy I took of her license says her name is Rudy Hazel Blake and I’m just about to tell her it’s a $12 cover charge. Nah, just messing with you Rudy, babies drink for free and you’re cute as hell. Free entry.”

The new dad-of-two recently admitted he is keeping his distance from the baby.

Speaking to Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little on their Hit network radio show, the comedian revealed his battling a “terrible virus.”

“Since Rudy’s been born … She’s lovely, and I enjoy looking at her from a distance or behind a surgical mask, but you’re right now talking to a guy with pink eye and a lot of stuff going on,” the 35-year-old told the pair.

“Everyone’s saying ‘Enjoy the baby bubble, enjoy the baby bubble’ — I’m in a Hazmat bubble! I have to go through the full ebola washdown before I can get near my child.”

He caught the nasty illness from his from his three-year-old son Sonny — a.k.a social media’s cutest baby — and will continue to exercise caution until he’s A-OK.

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