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“I’m not too skinny!” Gamble Breaux hits back at her body-shaming castmates

In fact, it's one subtle lifestyle change that has helped her get her rocking bod!
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It feels like it’s almost a million degrees when Team NW arrives at The Real Housewives Of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux’s new home on Victoria’s stunning Mornington Peninsula.

The 46-year-old is swanning about in her swimmers with her fluffy Pomeranians Cash and Wicket waddling by her ankles, while her hubby Rick Wolfe is upstairs making eggs.

There’s so much to talk about: her fresh rivalry with new gal Venus Behbahani-Clark, her old rivalry with former BFF Gina Liano and her supposed “eating disorder.”

Since filming for Season Four of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne began in early 2017, Gamble – who says she’s steadily weighed between 50 and 54kg for years – has been forced to defend her shrinking frame after her castmates attacked her, telling her to eat more because they were worried about her health!

“You know, I’ve only lost about four or five kilos,” says Gamble. “If I put the weight back on, I have no doubt the ladies will stop hassling me… but either way there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed.”

NW sat down with Gamble and her hubby Rick – over champagne flutes of Corona, no less – to talk about the drama that just won’t go away…

Despite the cruel taunts, Gamble says she’s happier than ever!

Gamble, you’ve copped quite a grilling about your body, but sitting across from you now – you look good!

Gamble: My greatest compliment is that people are apparently worried about me. [Laughs]

Rick: I think a lot of people are worried about you because you look so good!

So what is going on, Gamble? You have slimmed down slightly, but do your castmates have a reason to be worried?

I don’t have an eating disorder. I can’t stand the thought of throwing up – putting my fingers down my throat was never going to work! I’m just drinking less these days.

I still drink, just not as much as I used to. I drink Coronas now – I gave up wine!

WATCH: Gamble takes part in Fitzy and Wippa’s rap battle. Post continues…

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Gamble Breaux

“I don’t have an eating disorder – I can’t stand the thought of throwing up!”

It must hurt your feelings to have to defend yourself to people who’ve known you for such a long time…

The problem is people see you at a certain weight, and if you lose it, they tend to get worried and then you’re like, “S**t, I’ve got to eat!”

Gina honestly believes I’m not at a healthy weight, but the point is she has been unwell in the past and she’s susceptible to not just eight different types of cancer, but 10 if you’re overweight!

I’m healthy. You can go to a government website, put in my height and weight and it will tell you that! Your family and friends may try to keep you at the same weight but it’s not always the right weight! You know, I might live longer than you!

The comments directed at you are pretty full-on, insinuating you have an eating disorder…

Yeah. People say my teeth are brittle, but what are they implying by that? It’s pretty sad.

People like to comment about my weight and body and I find it really irritating because I would have loved to have had a baby, but you know… I was a much bigger girl when I was 20, so I decided to stop eating cakes!

It sounds like this has opened up old wounds for you…

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but the message is this: if you’re feeling bullied, it’s important to keep your face out there and don’t cry.

Toughen up. Don’t let people insult you if you’re overweight or underweight!

Things have been quite dramatic for you this season… You’re already fighting with Venus, after meeting her just once!

Well, here’s the real story. Pettifleur [Berenger, former Melbourne Housewife] called me and told me Venus went over to her place and said, “Gamble met her husband on sugardaddy.com.”

And I went ballistic, thinking, “I’m gonna sue your ass” because I met my husband on eHarmony! Looking for love is different from looking for old man d**k!

So Venus came into the show gunning for you?

Absolutely. And then she teamed up with Gina, the woman who officiated my marriage. It took me a long time to find a decent guy. I was 39 when I met Rick.

We had a break, I moved away, and then we brought our relationship back from the ashes.

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If you, or someone you know would like to talk to someone confidentially about eating disorders, contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 334 673.

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