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MAFS fan favourite Ella Ding reveals details of her new business venture – and she’s set to make a killing

''I just can't wait and I'm so excited to be able to actually say it so openly now.''
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Married At First Sight fan-favourite Ella Ding has given more details about her exciting new business venture.

Speaking to bestie Domenica Calarco on their Sit With Us podcast, Ella revealed she’s working on launching her own health and wellness app.

“So what I’m launching guys, it’s an app, which is wild,” she said. “It’s so surreal to even like say that out loud because I’ve been working on it and there’s been so much work going into it – to actually finally be able to say it is crazy.

Ella is launching a wellness app later this year.

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“I am launching an app and it’s basically everything that I believe in, everything that I wish that I had access to – knowledge, education, visuals as well, mentoring from some of my mentors who I have used and looked up to growing up.”

The 28-year-old said she’s grateful that she was given such an amazing opportunity, before revealing her app will be launching before the end of the year.

“I can’t drop the name yet. I can’t spill any of that sort of stuff yet because that’s still all being, I guess, finalised, but I am a bit nervous, obviously, like it’s a massive project,” she continued.

“I just can’t wait and I’m so excited to be able to actually say it so openly now guys.”

Domenica then heaped praise on Ella for putting for “putting her heart and soul” into the new project.

Ella said it’s “surreal and so exciting” that her project will “come to life soon.”

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“I’ve seen the effort that Ella’s put into this and the work and the hours and everything, guys and I’m so proud of you and I cannot wait for this,” Domenica said.

Earlier this week, Ella teased her new business venture, though she didn’t reveal at the time exactly what it was. She shared a photo of herself and a team of people in a board room meeting.

“So I have been busy with a lot of things recently! But I’m excited to finally share that I am working on my very own business venture,” Ella captioned the post.

The 28-year-old then shared a video of herself hugging a business associate.

“I have been working on something for you guys! Something I wish I had growing up as a young adult,” she continued.

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Ella’s career has gone from strength to strength since MAFS finished airing.

In June, Ella and her bestie and former co-star Domenica Calarco launched their hugely successful podcast Sit With Us, which already reached the number one spot on Spotify Australia’s Top Podcasts ranking.

“Being able to turn something from a friendship into a real career and a career with an incredible trajectory is truly a blessing and we can’t wait,” Dom said of their endeavours.

In August, it was announced Ella would be joining the popular British reality show Made In Chelsea.

“I just can’t wait and I’m so excited to be able to actually say it so openly now guys.”

(Image: Instagram)

“The sun may have set on Mallorca but there’s a new ray of sunshine coming to Chelsea this autumn. @ellamayding, welcome to #MadeInChelsea,” the show’s Instagram page wrote.

Ella later addressed the exciting news in an Instagram video, saying: “I’ve woken up to a lot of DMs. Obviously that cat’s out of the bag I guess to why I’ve been in London…

“I will be appearing on the next season of Made In Chelsea. Very unexpected turn of events, I guess. Pretty crazy experience and story, I guess?

“I don’t really know what I can and can’t say right now, but the cat’s out of the bag and I will be on Made In Chelsea and I think it comes out next month.”

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