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The Prince Andrew joke that left Kylie Minogue speechless

The Aussie singer was on The Graham Norton Show with Elizabeth Banks.
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While the world reels from Prince Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview about his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, some of the world’s most well-known faces are also weighing in on the drama.

And just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re any less shocked by some of the things that are being said – Kylie Minogue is case in point.

While appearing on the Graham Norton Show this month, the Aussie singer was joined by comedic legends Ricky Gervais and Elizabeth Banks.

And while the show is well-known for it’s hilarious jokes and quips, things went slightly next level when an old picture of Banks was brought up.

Looking at the image of Elizabeth from her teenage years, the Pitch Perfect actress was quick to make some funny remarks about her old-school appearance.

But it was a hand in the image that really set the stage for Bank’s next joke.

Elizabeth Banks made a joke that left Kylie Minogue speechless.

(BBC / The Graham Norton Show)

As Graham noted the mysterious hand, which was sitting on Elizabeth’s shoulder in the pic, the host stated: “I’ve only just noticed this hand, is it someone saying, ‘You’ll regret this photograph?”

Without missing a beat, Elizabeth shot back at Graham: “That’s Prince Andrew’s hand.”

Cue gasps and shocked laughter ringing through the crowd.

And none looked more surprised than Kylie Minogue, who was sitting beside Banks and was left speechless.

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Prince Andrew has been at the centre of the global news cycle this month after he decided to do a sit down interview with the BBC, where he attempted to set the record straight about his ties with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Since it aired, many have criticised the royal for some of the bizarre explanations he gave during the interview.

In one anecdote, Prince Andrew addresses the claims made by a woman that he had sex with her when she was 17-years-old.

The claim included high-level detail, including that the royal had been visibly sweating at the time.

In his BBC interview, Prince Andrew vehemently denied this, even saying that it wasn’t even possible for him to sweat at the time because he had a pre-existing condition.

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With many labelling the questionable PR move as a “train wreck”, a number of charities Andrew worked closely with cut ties with the royal, and on Friday, it was confirmed Prince Andrew would be “stepping back” from his public duties.

It’s unknown as to how long Andrew will be stepping back for, but seeing the shock reactions garnered from light-hearted jokes made about him at the moment, it likely won’t be any time soon.

Prince Andrew has even stepped back from his royal duties in the wake of his shock BBC interview.


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